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about ebay piracy issue


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Crysis Warhed doesnt have multiplayer..But i have a felling its pirated.. You see he used ahem ?


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The seller said this too:

To whomsoever it may concern: I'm the authorized re-seller of all these games. These are not pirated or counterfeit copies. Because sale of pirated goods and boot leg copies isn't allowed on ebay, nor do i sell them. No copyright violation is intended. I have purchased multiple/lots/individual copies of all these games.

Crysis Warhead & Far Cry 2 (Super Savers 2-in-1)

This is the PC version. It is not a pirated copy; ebay doesn't allow you to sell pirated copies nor do i violate such laws; however, for some reason multiplayer, zombies etc. won't work :p ;-). Ahem! You shall only be able to play single player campaign/missions and not multiplayer. Should you be in a doubt or need further clarification, please call me or drop me a text @ 09910991410

He is sure that it's not pirated.


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Oh yeah, ORIGINAL, as in game companies selling games with multiple DVD option, like you can get MP3 in 4 dvds or 8, as he wishes.


Back to school!!
Maybe he bought the games, played them and is now selling them off..
So how will the game work? If he is not sharing the key, its cracked, if he is sharing the key its original, but he clearly states online won't work, and afaik some of the games in his list do not have online pass, anyone with the valid key can play.
That is one shady sale.. I'd stay away if I was in your place.. If you can't play multiplayer or online then it is as good as a pirated one..
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