1. rider

    23-24" 1080p Monitor Under 14k

    23-24" 1080p Monitor Under 14k http://www.samsung.com/in/consumer/pc-peripherals-printer/monitor/led-monitor/LS23C350HS/XL-spec http://www.lg.com/in/monitors/lg-24EA53VQ-led-monitor Dell S2440L 24inch 1080p LED-backlit LCD Monitor With 3yr Dell On-Site Warranty | eBay Dell S2340L Black...
  2. P

    Online Shopping!!!

    Hey Folks, I am a regular online buyer. And i m prone to flipkart for gadgets. Well i was about to buy a mobile and my max budget is abt 20k. But when i was comparing prices on different sites i found Ebay gives damn big big discounts best rate for xperia sp there is smwhere abt 20k but in store...
  3. icebags

    the Open Source hardware thread

    Arduino Alright, several TDF members are on their way to acquire their arduino boards from abroad. And I personally am trying to build one. If any of you have experience with arduino, kindly share knowledge. An arduino board can easily be purchased from ebay with pricing from ~500 and...
  4. N

    Best Site to Buy Laptop other than Flipkart

    Flipkart suddenly stopped shipping of laptops to Kerala. So which is the best site to buy laptops other than Flipkart and ebay.
  5. V

    Usb 3 pci

    I will purchase a Sandisk extreme usb 3 32gb.The problem is that my motherboard(Asus P8H67-M LX) does not have usb 3 so i have consider to put USB 3 Pci card.I have search ebay and considered either The Zebronic PCI Express Card USB 3.0 4-Port -Model -P43U13- ZEBRONICS BRAND | eBay which have...
  6. N

    this beats headphone.......genuine or fake?

    Beats By Dr.Dre SOLO HD Headphones * Full Hard Plastic Body , Very Portable!! | eBay
  7. Jags

    Buying Optical Bay Hard Drive Adapter from local market

    Hi, I am trying to fit a SSD along with the HDD in my laptop. I think the only way to do this is through "Optical Bay Hard Drive Adapter". They are available on ebay for around Rs 2k. Does anyone know how much they cost if I directly buy them from local market? and is there a recommended...
  8. omega44-xt

    Advice regarding Canvas HD

    1. Budget? ~15k 2. Display type and size? 4.3"`+ 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? Bar 4. Preferred choice of brand? Any reliable brand 5. Preferred input method (QWERTY, touchscreen, numpad, touch-n-type). 6. What camera option you want? Please specify need for flash...
  9. bukaida

    How is this head phone and the offer ?

    I need to buy a headphone and searching online for the same. I came across this offer in ebay Original Sennheiser HD 201Headphone for iPod Walkmen MP3 Player All 3.5 Jack | eBay However, the same model on flipkart and Naaptol is showing the price almost double. I am not a frequent online...
  10. J

    [For Sale] FREE ebay coupons codes

    I have a few ebay coupon codes which i want to sell for Rs 0 :mrgreen:. Please let me know is anyone is interested and i will send the same. Please note that although it is a "For Sale" thread, the item is free. Just one request, please let me know if the codes were useful. Mods , please...
  11. ithehappy

    PaisaPay of eBay, is this a JOKE? WTF?

    [CLOSE THIS TOPIC PLEASE] PaisaPay of eBay, is this a JOKE? WTF? So I was selling my Note 2, and posted the ad on eBay. At the finishing I saw that if my item sells I will have to pay ~Rs.300 to eBay. I thought alright, I can pay that. The item value was Rs.25,750. Now today I was seeing the...
  12. N

    Mic for podcast/video demos

    I want to buy a new Microphone (preferably noise cancelling) to record podcast and video demos. quality is important. max budget is 3000 I checked FK and ebay but there are plenty. So I can't decide. Please help Anand
  13. sandynator

    Screen Ward OR HOKO Brand Screen Protectors - Are they good brand to trust?

    Got a Huawei Y300 yesterday but getting accessories especially screen protector & Case cover is real pain. Found two options Screen ward & Hoko brand screen protectors on ebay. How are they? Which one is better? Huawei Ascend Y300 Screen Protector Scratch Guard | eBay OR hoko brand...
  14. Superayush

    Sennheiser ie8 ebay query

    I was searching for sennheiser ie8 online and came across seller selling it for 70$(original brand new) New Brand New Sennheiser IE8I HiFi Earphones Headsets Free Shipping | eBay On inquiring him to know what may be the possible catch he replied Is his reply legit ? I still can't...
  15. RohanM

    Xperia V or Xperia T ??

    Well I am looking for above models & confused between them. XP V is having IP57 certification whereas T is having big screen. Both r having krait processor so no issue there. So what u guys think ?? On ebay both r available under 22 & 23 k respectively.
  16. I

    Need a mobile urgent !! About 20k budget

    What i mainly want is - HD Camera quality Very good Music quality Video Playback Decent battery Android or WP8 ( If android then should have JB or should be atleast upgradeable to JB ) Touch Phone Any Form , Any Brand ( No Indian brands please ) I am going to buy online , probably from ebay...
  17. T

    A laptop with 50K is being sold for 15K on ebay (used). Too good to be true? Am I missing something?

    Dell Inspiron 15R N5110 i5/2gb ram/nvidia 1gb graphic/500gb HDD | eBay There has to be a catch! But I can't think of any! The seller says he doesn't need it anymore and wants to buy a tablet so he's selling. Should I go for it? How much should I bid?
  18. hari1

    Ebay deal: Sennheiser PMX-60

    Ebay is giving this headphone at Rs.790. Should I buy it? I forgot the link. here it is cgi.ebay.in/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=190806366867 Please somebody reply! Deal will not last long. :bump:
  19. S

    [Complaint] Oh no!Ebay engulfed 39k,please help:what to do now??

    Yes!You all heard it right,ebay engulfed whole 39k from me!Here's what happened to me: I purchased samsung ativ smart pc from geb.ebay.in,i paid for the item on 11th Feb 2013,after 1 day of identifying the tablet,i found the s pen to be non sensitive to the screen,i told ebay about it and they...
  20. S

    Htc one x from flipkart or ebay

    Hi guys, I am planning to buy htc one x 16 gb model. in flipkart it comes around 31k (32k and 1k cashback) HTC One X - HTC: Flipkart.com in ebay some seller are selling at price of 25k NEW HTC ONE X WHITE 16 GB ANDROID SMARTPHONE WITH WARRANTY AT&T UNLOCKED | eBay or 27k HTC One X |...
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