1. stellar

    Total Bandwidth Usage

    I am using Broad band connection and its based on data volume use. From where can i see how much i am downloading so that i dun have to pay more than the monthly payment.
  2. A

    SOS :- linux Bluetooth dun does not work

    Okay lemme make it clear that I am new to linux. I have been trying to move from XP to linux since last one and a half year but have not been successful till date. Reason - Internet. Earlier I didnt have one (one year ago) and tried to install and work on distros that came along with magazines...
  3. P

    Stupid proxy servers!! need help!!

    Hi guys..i recently got this blazing fast net connection from my compnay..n being a hardcore gamer i m i want to play games on it in my free time..but the problem is the connection is through a proxy server..as in i have to give proxy settings on all net based applications even IE..but games...
  4. Kenshin

    TV tuner drivers

    Guys i just got a Intex tv tuner ...its sum BG + DK......i dun hv the driver cd...where can i get the drivers for it...:)
  5. dOm1naTOr

    What if i send 939s for RMA?

    The post is big, but plz read it nd help me. Yesterday, my PC just gave a BSOD nd it happens frequently now. Whan i checked, the CPU fan was blocked with LED illuminating cables[i added it for some hell of bling bling inside my antibiotic]. And i think the proccy reached its threshold temp nd...
  6. R

    Airtel Gprs With BlueTooth in Ubuntu Gutsy

    First Pair your Mobile to Your laptop Manually...using bluetooth manager.. if pc is not connecting to your device.. try to connect the pc from your mobile then go to console n issue the following command rakesh@rakesh-laptop:~$ sdptool search DUN output ---------- Inquiring ... Searching for...
  7. H

    hcitool scan cant detect my phone `

    hcitool scan cant detect my phone my phone cant detect the system,also my system cant detect my phone. iam trying these.............. [root@localhost etc]# sdptool search DUN Inquiring ... Inquiry failed [root@localhost etc]# hcitool scan Scanning ... Inquiry failed: Connection timed out...
  8. A

    Strange URL for Google and Microsoft

    hey guys Check out these two URLs ...Dun u think these sites are too familiar: http://thesource.ofallevil.com/en/us/default.aspx http://urlwww--google--com.rtrk.com/
  9. A

    MobiolaTM Web Camera

    can anybody gimme d serial of MobiolaTM Web Camera d seriall dat i have dun work at all got sum prob
  10. D

    Nokia 6030 Has internal modem or not ??

    Any 6030 user plz tell me that it is having an internal modem or not?? I know that 3120 and 3100 dun hv modem so can't be used to connect to Inernet, How about this 6030 ??
  11. dOm1naTOr

    unable to install FC 1.3 patch!!!

    Im unable to install FC 1.3 patch as nothin is happening even if I press the next key!!!!Ive tried many location to install but dun work..any body knows??
  12. speedyguy

    Which games possible for dial-up?

    since i dun hv a broadband connection n neither im gonna get one since i dun stay at my home much as im studyin outside...so wat games can i play wit dial-up or wireless (gprs-airtel) connection...i mean new games comparatively cheers
  13. aku

    Download Vista Beta2 (CPP) LEGALLY!

    Good news... infact music for ur ear... nw u can dowload vista beta 2 free of cost and dat also legally without any MSDN/TechNet subscroption... i dun wanna waste ne single minute of urs nw.. let da link do all da taking... http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=66411
  14. R


    hey ive been told to prepare a chart on "latest RDBMS software’s" i duno wat to do .. as i dun know WTF is RDBMS .............can u plz help me with the project
  15. S


    just have a look!!...and dun bother about the price.... ~LINK~
  16. Aniruddh

    Need suggestion..mobo,processor,hdd,ram

    well hav asked da same thin few dayz bak but didnt get enough suggestions so still cud not come to any conclusion..well i wanna go for a p4 platform 1-915 based mobo which one is gud i mean brand msi,asus,intel original or any other???2-need 120gb hdd atleast so which one?i guess der wont b much...
  17. kunwar

    can i install intel 915 motherboard on my 2.0 ghz processor

    i own a 2.0 ghz processor. can i get intel 915 motherboard for my 2.0 ghz processor??? i am very, very confused. i dun want to get 3.0 ghz processor as i dun need it. so guys please help me. kunwar :?
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