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  1. S

    Help memmory dump error

    I am getting memmory dump error everytime PC restarts. I barely managed to log in. Any1 knows how to fix it.
  2. P

    Not able to Format iBall USB Drive

    Dear All, I have been trying to format one of my iBall Cordial 8GB pen drive but when i do that it says the disk is write protected. 1) I tried the registry settings as well as low level formatting. Do you have any idea how can i proceed with it or do i dump it. There are few folders...
  3. amjath

    Windows 8 crashed twice - help

    Windows 8 crashed twice today, one @ 21.04 and other @ 23.28. Please help me with my dump files. [attached] I ran "chkdsk" found no issues Dump 1: @ 21.04 https://mega.co.nz/#!e0xUmSyA!U-7ia07izHryuvcFHj4N9gcvLq87HH7eqx_7LjR_czA Dump 2:@ 23.28...
  4. r4gs

    Preview and Feedback [August 2012]

    Sorry folks, on leave again so the feedback thread has again, been neglected :D Please leave feedback here till I try to get the content ready for the thread. If in the meanwhile any of you wants to prepare a brief, go ahead! From what I remember, Cover story is about freedom, censorship...
  5. ajayritik

    Need suggestion on 1 TB External HDD

    Hi guys I plan to buy a 1 TB External HDD preferably with USB 3.0 support. Can someone suggest me which brand to go for? I would need this mostly to dump videos,movies etc on it and connect it to my LED TV to watch on it.
  6. S

    System Freezes followed by BSOD

    Hi all, I recently upgraded my PC after taking buying advice from the forum. Post installation, I am facing a problem of system freezing, which is immediately followed by a BSOD. The message in the BSOD is : "A clock interval was not received on a secondary processor within the allocated...
  7. esudip

    Blue Screen of Death (DUMP ERROR) Need Assitance

    Hello all, I have Asus P8Z68-V motherboard with Intel i5 2500K Processor which is OC @ 4.8 Ghz and I have Good Heatsink for that (ThermalRight Silver Arrow) and a Raedon HD 6970 2Gb Graphics card with G.Skill 4+4 Gb Rams. My problem is that when I started to play any game after some time...
  8. socrates

    HTC looking to buy own mobile OS

    Rumours of planned MeeGo buyout gain pace. HTC looking to buy own mobile OS | News | TechRadar UK When Andriod gained market share there was hope that many manufacturers would dump their old OS's & embrace Andriod but now it looks like it's 'back to square one' :( What do you think?
  9. gameranand

    Where to Dump Faulty Hardware.

    I have about 3 faulty DVD writers, 1 SMPS, 1 Graphics Card. I don't want it to just throw in garbage because it will indirectly cause global warming and other things that would harm our nature. So where to dump them like nokia who takes old phones on their care centers for recycling in a good...
  10. d3p

    Where to recycle or dump your e-waste??

    Hi guys, Few Days back, i was worried, where to dump ewaste which is not working from few months. But I got some solutions to these things now. one word answer "http://techshop.in/store/ecycle.php" Just called up the responsible guy & asked him where to meet up & thats it. Please...
  11. ayushman9

    BSOD While playing powerdvd 10

    I was playing a simple video file in powerdvd 10 ,with most of the Truetheater enhancement on at medium setiing .After 20 minutes or so suddenly the display got off ,when i hapazardly pressed keys ,i came to blue screen ,with some meassing which was suggesting some sort of memeory overfloew...
  12. thelordrrulzzz

    Windows OS giving me blue dump screen for the past week:cry:

    Hello digitians, There appears to be some serious issue with my desktop machine for the past week. It has been consistently flashing me the blue dump screen and is going in the hanged state after that. The hardware configuration is as follows: MSI P45 Neo-F mobo Intel Core 2 Duo E8400...
  13. hellknight

    Apple may dump nVIDIA

    Looks like it is time for more trouble for nVIDIA.. as they are already getting their butt kicked by AMD in each and every category.. this comes like a big bouncer to them.. Apple may dump them.. Read On
  14. kantiman

    Memory dump files not getting created.

    Recently I v been getting some BSOD errors but the dump files are not getting created. I am using vista. Automatically restart after error feature is disabled in startup and recovery options. i searche everywhere but there aren't any dump files. I used all the options i.e. kernel memory, small...
  15. choudang

    S.O.S. - MySQL import query

    dear digitians, requesting your valuable help to get it asorted. Due to SOD, we are not permitted to install any database like orable/sql on our PCs, we are forced to use Access instead of other databases. but i am currently using MYSQL Community server which is not required installtion. Now, we...
  16. tango_cash

    I am getting all kinds of blue screen errors!!pls help

    hi ppl my config is Intel P4 2.8gz with H.T 915GAV Intel orignal mobo 2.5gb of DDR1 ram 250gb+320gb sata hdd. 1 Sony DVD writer 1 LG CD writer Mercury 8600GT 256MB DDR3. the problem is that i am getting all kinds of blue screen errors.they just happen anytime. it does not depend what i am...
  17. H

    Physical Dump memory

    Hello i have Intel duel core 1.2ghz and 512 DDR2 Ram when i will be working i get the message (Physical dump memory, the screen becomes blue screen for saftey of ur data plz restart ur computer and shows like this 0x00000000000 000000000x00000 00x000000000 so0me thing like this i have changed...
  18. T

    flt.sys causing memory dump

    hi, flt.sys is causing memory dump. any help on what flt.sys is and how to disable/remove it (and whether that is possible)? sorry, i need to sort this out urgently, so did not search for similar stuff if posted. thanks in advance
  19. D

    blue screen of death

    my pc restarts for about 4 times before it boots. i m using windows xp professional sp 2 on an asrock p4i45gl m/b. i have 256 mb of ram and a p4 2.4 ghz processor.the problem has shown up after i installed daemon tools.most often it restarts when i m working ...the following error messages are...
  20. amandeep86

    Compaq nx6320 Restart Problem with Error

    System Restarts After Showing Error in Blue Background I get the folowing error in blue background sometimes while working or even installing new windows. I'm using Windows XP Pro SP2 I have latest drivers too. The Error: "A Problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to...
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