1. Alex Wood

    Software to Install Drivers

    Is there any software that install all drivers in any laptop by detecting its configuration without internet connection? If any available the please share its link here so i can download it.
  2. S

    Unable to connect bluetooth speakers with my Laptop

    Hi All, I've recently purchased JBL Go Bluetooth Speakers. I am having issues while connecting it to my laptop. The issue is coming over because the device driver software is not getting installed in my system to support the device. Can anyone please help?
  3. M

    Driver issue for Umax 5800 scanner

    what is the solution for driver issues like,no drivers available for windows 10. I am not getting the windows 10 driver for the above scanner.
  4. nac

    [HELP] Display driver crashing/BSOD

    I have bought Zotac GT 710. Purpose is to use two monitors I have. Ever since I switched to GT 710 from iGPU, I'm facing issues. I installed latest driver 378.49 the very first day itself. Tried google, and tried some fix but none works for me. - BSOD - Crashing (Display driver stopped...
  5. G

    Graphics Driver not compatible !!

    I have HP DV6-6165tx (8Gb RAM). Every game used to run smoothly on the laptop but few games didn't run at all like Metal Gear Revengeance, Max Payne 3 and Watch Dogs.... The last game which I played on it was COD Advanced Warfare and it was running good at low settings. On the internet I got to...
  6. Randy_Marsh

    Weird nvidia driver issue with newly build system

    Hi Guys, Yesterday I built up my new system (finally) with following config: 1) Intel i5 6600 (not K) 2) Gigabyte H170 Gaming 3 3) Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR4 4) Corsair VS 450 5) WD Blue 2 TB Hard Drive all enclosed in Corsair SPEC Alpha chassis with my old Zotac Geforce 660 GT...
  7. ratzee199

    Graphics Driver stopped responding...

    Currently I am having a Desktop PC with the following SPECS: Operating System: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit (6.1, Build 7600) Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.3GHz Memory: Corsair Vengeance 12 GB RAM DDR 3 (4GB x 3) Mother Board: Asus P8Z68-V SMPS: Corsair...
  8. anky

    laptop graphics driver issue! urgent help needed

    Hi Guys, I am using HP G6-2005AX, with AMD A8 apu. from some days my display driver was crashing frequently and sometimes even hard disk used to crash. Today, when it crashed, display went off! I uninstalled the display drivers from device manager. (the mistake i did) After that i have tried...
  9. E

    Audio driuver being a pain in the backside !

    Alright, so I was playing FSX yesterday and out of nowhere my audio driver stopped working. I opened task manager and it showed my Audio Driver ( Microsoft High Definition Audio Driver) with a Yellow Exclamation mark. So I simply reinstalled the driver and restarted. Problem...
  10. stellar

    audio device is disabled

    I scan the pc with driver update software and it updated the realtek audio driver since then i am getting "audio device is disabled". no audio is heard i uninstalled the driver software and did uninstall and reinstall the audio driver but same problem. I searched in the net also but couldn't...
  11. B

    Display driver errors, OS or HP issue?

    Display driver errors, OS or Harassement-Packard issue? Hi, First of all I hope that the mods don't mind me creating too many threads to ask questions. My cousin purchased a HP ab522tx pavilion laptop last month. We are regularly getting a driver error. This comes up all of a sudden, the...
  12. S

    5.2 supported MB only gives 2.0 / 4.0

    5.1 channel supported MB only gives 2.0 / 4.0 ASRock > N68C-GS FX This is the MB. It says it ahve 5.1 support. I am using Windows 10 64 - Yest the OS with most bugs Driver is latest - updated from VIA. Windows default audio properties shows option only upto 4 channel!! Ok...
  13. sidtechster

    Graphics driver update for Windows 10

    I am currently running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit edition on my desktop. It has a AMD graphics card running on Catalyst 15.7 driver. My question is, what should be the approach to upgrade to Windows 10 so that there is no driver conflict. Both AMD and Nvidia will launch final revised drivers...
  14. windchimes

    Network Driver Problem and Brightness Problem in Windows 7

    Hi guys, Got two issues pestering me quite a bit, and hope someone can guide me to fix them 1) My internet (connected over LAN cable ) gets disconnected each time I reboot the laptop and I have to install the network driver every single time. Know why this happens? Machine - Dell 3543...
  15. midhu

    Computer Freezes while playing audio

    Hi All, My Computer Freezes whenever I try to play audio files, I was using Windows 7, one fine day 7 got stuck in the windows logo screen, safe mode worked well. I tried to reinstall Windows 7 got stuck again in logo screen. Then I moved to windows XP SP2, after the installation I've tried to...
  16. adityak469

    HELP!!File Stops Downloading ~99%

    SOLVED!!File Stops Downloading ~99% OK so this is weird, I only have seen memes about this thing but all my downloads stop downloading ~99% and I cant seem to find the cause. First I was on Win7 x86 and was downloading drivers for my newly arrived GPU when it stopped at exactly 99.99% and as I...
  17. D

    USB 3.0 error code 43

    Guys, help me with this error. I'm running Win 8.1. It was working fine. After unplug and replugging onto the mobo during cable management, it has started. Methods I tried 1. Uninstall/install driver 2. System recovery 3. Unplug/replug data cable to moBo socket 4. Restart system None of these...
  18. A

    BSOD Error "video_tdr_failure atikmpag.sys"

    Hi, I have a Sony Vaio VPCCB45FN Laptop, Find below the configuration, Archived VPCCB45FN : C Series : VAIO? Laptop & Computer : Sony India Intel i5 2nd Gen Dual GPU = Intel HD3000 and AMD Readon 6630M. Factory OS = Windows 7 HP I was facing a BSOD saying "video_tdr_failure...
  19. Imperial_Raj

    Troublesome Graphics Card

    Hello everyone! My PC had been running fine since 2010 but from the last week I have suddenly and unexpectedly started experiencing graphics trouble. The specs of my PC are: Processor: Intel Core i3 2100 Motherboard: Intel DH61WW RAM: 2x2 GB RAM Graphics Card: Sparkle GTS 250 1GB DDR3...
  20. kamikaz

    Wifi in laptop stopped working , help needed ! :(

    I was playing dota using a Hp laptop(windows 7 ,32bit) ,and was connected to net thru wifi, when suddenly the whole system crashed and had a BSOD and ever since the restart the laptop stops connecting to router, It does show our local network ,strength and all ,but it simply refuses to...
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