cant make bootable usb for linux gamers

i was using YUMI to make a bootable usb for linux distro- linux gamers,that came along with an issue of digit,
but on choosing the distro in second step,i cant find linux gamer in it.
so i choose the last option (try any other distros)
but after creating the usb and booting from usb im getting an error "Boot device not ready" in a console

this is my first time using an linux distro
any help??


See this may help....

Learn Linux Gamers Linux | [WATCH]: Install A Bootable Linux To USB Stick


sorry same error,
boot device didint showed upo after 30 seconds

i googled the problem
got an ln -sf /dev/sda ....

bt then i got an error mounting sucssesfull but isomounts doesnt exist


BIOS Terminator
try this command through any linux-:
dd if=path to the iso of=/dev/sdb
change /dev/sdb to your usb's device name. (NOTE: no numbers will follow the /dev/sdx)
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