Running linux distro in android phone


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I saw thread in xda regarding running backtrack linux on android phone like xperia x10.

Is there any other distro light-weight that can be installed?

What are the limitations?


It is very much possible and pretty easy too. Debian flavors have been installed on various android phones. Just Google and u will get several links with tuts.

How to Install Ubuntu on Your Nexus One/Android! | Nexus One Hacks Blog

Debian & Android Together on G1 - Jay Freeman (saurik)

Goto ur phones xda page and search debian ubuntu,I got 4-5 links for my phone, a couple Ive posted below

Installing Debian Squeeze on Android Optimus - Walkthrough - xda-developers

How install Debian on a LG P500 - xda-developers

Many packages work fine like
(this is from one of the above links)
sshd - works great, you can connect to phone via putty or ssh
mc - works, but phone screen is to small
gcc-avr - if you are programming for avr microcontrollers, you can compile it on your phone
netcat - telnet connection
git-core - works great
htop - you can see this on screnshot below
apache2 - works like a charm
xfce4, Xorg server and tightvncserver - working but slow, see screenshots
gnash - working but slow, see screenshots. This is the only option how to run flash content on optimus one xD
Iceweasel - if you are using vnc server, you can browse web pages
gcc, g++, autoreconf, cmake and whatever else is needed to build mangos - working
mysql-server - you have to set "user = root" in /etc/mysql/my.conf, but works
MaNGOS - * takes long to build, but works! See this post and also this one.

..and maybe some more which I dont remember.
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