1. P

    Logical Partition files system getting corrupted.

    Hi All, Need help with my windows XP :-?. Brought new machine couple of days ago, i formatted the new Samsung 500 GB Hard disk and created logical partition via computer management. Now every time i turn on my PC, windows CHKDSK function starts and it starts detecting unreadable files on...
  2. Ayuclack

    Extract Neodymium Magnets from Hard disks!

    Neodymium magnets are powerful rare earth magnets which are very costly to buy for a DIY project. It is however found in many obsolete and useless devices around us in varying sizes and shapes. So why not extract some from these instead of buying a new one? PC Hard-disks are one of the biggest...
  3. P

    old hard disk. new pc.

    i have an old internal 500gb hard disk which i used in my previous pc. it had loads of files and windows 7 on it. how do i use it on my new pc? my new pc has a 1 TB hdd...it also has windows 7 but the motherboard and the gpu drivers are different. please walk me through all the necessary steps...
  4. blackpearl

    Best laptop for multitasking under Rs30K

    I'm looking for a laptop under Rs 30K. My primary usage will be surfing and word processing, but I will be multi tasking like hell. 40+ browser tabs, Windows Live Writer, a Feed Reader, Picasa and may be music playing in the background. I don't game. I want a laptop will pure processing power...
  5. dfcols71

    suggestion for these components

    budget 25000/- 1.psu 850watt rs 9800 max 2.cabinet 5000-7000 max good cable management,airflow usb2-2,usb3-1 dust covers easy hard disk attachment 3. hard disk sata 1gb 4. ddr3 ram 1600mhz 8gb
  6. J

    HDD noise problem- how to fix it

    hey I am having a pc with harddisk 160 GB of WESTERN DIGITAL. and i have used it for less then 2 years. but now a days i am getting noise from HDD whenever i start my PC or open MY COMPUTER (that shows the window of alll hard disk and other devices).Is it my HDD having bad sectors?? why there...
  7. doomgiver

    hard disk crashed

    my 1 tb hard disk crashed yesterday, thanks to me. i accidentally hit the cabinet with my foot, while it was working. now windows wont boot, or repair and gives 0x00000e9 (or something, might be 9e also, wont try again, as i fear for my data) booted up via falcon4 ubcd, got into mini-XP it...
  8. SeenuGuddu

    adding the internal Hard disk (1TB) to the existing PC

    Hi All, i am planning to opt the internal Hard disk (1TB) to the existing PC of having the 500 GB.Help needed to buy. Is there any cons when i add the extra 1 TB. Please give me the suggestions. Thanks in Advance
  9. sujeet2555

    computer freezes all the time

    my pc config: OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit CPU: AMD Phenom X4 9650, 2300 MHz Motherboard: Asus M3A78-EM Chipset: AMD 780G, AMD K10 Memory: 3328 MB Video Adapter: ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics Audio Adapter: ATI RS690 HDMI @ AMD RS780(M) Chipset...
  10. S

    Shifting System reserved partition to other HDD .!

    Hi, I've two HDD connected to my system , a 1TB & an 160 GB .! But now i want to remove the 160 GB HDD . But i noticed a weird problem when i opened disk management . Here is a screenshot : As you can see my OS ( Win 7 ) is installed on C: drive which is on Disk 1 . While its System...
  11. U

    Not able to partition my laptop

    I have HP pavillion dv2910 tx laptop . Few days back i installed ubuntu 11.10 over my hard disk . The problem is that now i am not able to partition my hard disk .I need to partition it,so that i can install windows on one part . I tried gparted live,but after few minutes laptop shut down . I...
  12. M

    Needs dedicated Data recovery service address/company of India

    Sir/Madam--I have a seagate GO 320GB external Hard dIsk--When I connected with my PC then it shows this message--THE DISK IN DRIVE I IS NOT FORMATTED--WILL YOU WANT TO FORMAT IT?YES/NO--So pl help me-- When I contacted seagate service they told me that they have no service for data recovery...
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