1. nac

    How to disable push notification?

    It started few months back, don't remember exactly when it started. Now I am getting this notification/pop up window when I login to some sites (like digit forum, yahoo mail). I don't get this in every sites, only few and only after logged in, not before. After I closed the browser and open the...
  2. G

    Can i disable one sim on dual sim mobile?

    Hello, to all of you. I have a dual sim mobile, I want to know Is there any app by using which I can disable one sim of mobile whenever I want? Actually, I want to disable my work related sim in the night time, but still wants to use other features of the mobile as well as to use the second sim...
  3. K

    How to disable notification from ZoneAlarm

    Hi Guys, I have got Windows7 and a free edition of Zone Alarm (version: From Zone Alarm, an automatic dialog box comes on the desktop frequently, giving the particular name of malware software which is prevented from…. How to disable such frequent notification?
  4. Vishalgamer1

    Need help in kicking users from wifi network

    Hey guys, Does anyone of you know how can I kick or say disable the internet for few users from a shared wifi network ??
  5. Harsh Pranami

    Disabling autostart of huawei dashboard

    Hi friends. I have this huawei e303c modem. The problem I'm facing is that whenever I plug my huawei modem, the huawei dashboard automatically starts. Now this should have been a good feature if not for the 15 secs hang that I get each time it starts. Also while using the dashboard, there are...
  6. RBX

    OneNote : disable spell check for a particular style

    I have to create notes for a friend, and would like to disable spell check for the Code style, such that it stays disabled even when he sees it.
  7. ramakanta

    Disable Automatic update of IDM

    How to Disable Automatic update of Internet Download Manager v6.11. thank you.
  8. R

    Gameplay recorder?

    Hello guys,actually i want to record my gameplay in Ghost Recon Online.I tried some software like Bandicam and Fraps,but the screen is flickering while recording with them.I searched in google and found that this problem is caused by hardware acceleration and disabling it will minimize the...
  9. reddick

    Unable to download Internet Explorer 9

    Hello Guys! Whenever I try to download IE 9 ,from microsoft website, it only completed upto 25-30% and then shows an error message and a troubleshoot link is placed on my desktop. I even disable AV n Firewall but it didn't works. I'm using Chrome on Win 7 Home Premium :/ Please reply with a...
  10. R

    Disable Intel HD 4000

    My new ASUS K55VM laptop now has a string of issues. The most important one being gaming. My system boasts of a nVidia 630M 2GB dedicated card but it still can't handle old games like mirror's edge or GTA 4. I have a 3rd gen Intel core and hence the Optimus feature of the Ivy Bridge that...
  11. meetdilip

    Disable Autoplay in Windows 7

    Can someone please give the path to disable autoplay in W7 Ultimate. The problem is, I got an internal 500 GB SATA HDD connected through USB using an Tech Com external case. It so happens that it is getting disconnected frequently (some 5 times a day) and autoplay options pop up every now and...
  12. G

    UEFI ON Intel H67 BL MOBO

    hi anyone tried UEFI on intelh67 BL motherboard . just wanna know how its works and watz the advt By Default its disable . Thanks :) And also any one tweak its performance menu in BIOS ..?
  13. Siddharth_1

    Help to disable turbo boost feature of processor

    I want to disable the turbo boost feature of my processor to increase it life. The 3.3ghz speed of i5 2500k is enough for me. MAINBOARD - MSI Z68MA ED55 (B3) PROCESSOR - Intel Core i5 2500k
  14. K

    Disabling how?

    Hi Guys, I have got Avast Free Antivirus(6.0.1203). I want to prevent some of the applications on my computer from using my internet connection for their updates and for all other purposes. How to disable them from doing so in Avast Free Antivirus(6.0.1203) as per Application’s Names? May I...
  15. K

    Disabling how?

    Hi Guys, There are two features in Microsoft office professional 2003. One is we can do anything with internet connection in Microsoft word and the other is automatic updating. I want the two features disabled. How to do that. Can I disable Microsoft office professional 2003 from working...
  16. sukesh1090

    firefox problem

    guys when i use hardware acceleration option in firefox everything gets blurred and fonts won't be visible correctly but if i disable it everything works fine. why is so?
  17. Vyom

    How to disable WebGL in Google Chrome?

    Hi guys. Need help on this one. Recently I have encountered this news: Posted Here Now I wanted to disable WebGL for both of the browsers in my system. In firefox, I found these steps from here: How to disable WebGL in Firefox 4 But I am unable to find the steps in Google Chrome browser...
  18. bubusam13


    How to disable ACPI in VirtualBox ??
  19. INS-ANI

    How to Disable the irritating CPU sound in VMWare

    I am running cadence EDA suite on Redhat,which is running on VMware.At every invalid action the cpu gives a very irritating beep. Please tell me how to disable this sound,its affecting me and people around me as well :(
  20. I

    How to Disable Shared system memory in windows 7?

    I'm using a dell studio 15 lap with i3 processor 4GB DDR3 and windows 7 64-bit. In my display adapter details, its showing Dedicated Video memory : 1024 MB System Shared Memory : 1722 MB Will it affect my system performance? Can I disable the system shared memory? My system sometimes...
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