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Disabling autostart of huawei dashboard

Hi friends. I have this huawei e303c modem. The problem I'm facing is that whenever I plug my huawei modem, the huawei dashboard automatically starts. Now this should have been a good feature if not for the 15 secs hang that I get each time it starts. Also while using the dashboard, there are too many disconnections. I use a manually created dialup which never gives any such problem. So please tell me if there's any way of disabling the autostart of huawei dashboard. THanks.
> Look for some setting in the program like "start automatically when device detected".

If that does not work, then there must be a service running in background which starts the program. Open task manager and switch to 'Services' tab. Look for something related to 'huawei' and see if it's running or stopped. If its running, enter "Services.msc" in run and look for that service. Then right click on it and select 'Properties' and set the 'startup type' to 'disabled'.
Harsh Pranami

Harsh Pranami

Thanks. Got it. It was dcshelper. But even after disabling it, it automatically opened. So I deleted dcshelper by opening file location and it worked. Thanks again.
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