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  1. patkim

    Any software to compare pre & post install snapshots of directories?

    I need to make a specific directory comparison of the same root directory say C:\Program Files before & after a specific program installation. Is there any such software available to do comparison like this? I.e. software should take a first snapshot of a root directory, then I install my...
  2. JGuru

    Foundation of Java Programming

    Foundation of Java Programming This is guide for learning Java programming for budding programmers & those who are beginning Java programming. These are very introductory programs (beginner to intermediate level). In order to become a very good programmer you need to be 1) Very good...
  3. Inceptionist

    Need help for student with multiple drops.

    That would be me, by the way. After 10th, I did MSBTE's diploma in computer engg. and it took me 5 years to finish 3 years of the diploma. After that I joined course in BMS as I had realized that even though I am a geek, this industry may not be for me as I don't have adequate academic...
  4. C

    AVerTV Volar Go M A833 On Ubuntu 13.04

    I am trying to get my AVerTV Volar Go TV tuner card working on Ubuntu. When i install the driver, i get error Running installer... Start to compile objects... make -C /lib/modules/3.8.0-26-generic/build O=/lib/modules/3.8.0-26-generic/build SUBDIRS=`pwd` modules make[1]: Entering...
  5. sujeet2555

    Sfc get stuck 55%

    Pc config: Processor: AMD Phenom X4 9650 Memory: 4096 MB DDR2 Graphics :NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Motherboard : ASUS M3A78-EM Rev. X.0x Disc :Seagate ST3500418AS 500 GB SATA II Windows : Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit i was unable install dot.net 3.5 from window feature option ,so i tried to...
  6. CommanderShawnzer

    create installer/setup file using VS 2010 Express??

    well, i want to create an installer file using Visual Studio 2010 Express to extract a bunch of file to a certain directory in C drive the installer should have Administrator privileges the installer should have these files in it and extract it to the directory and create a folder "DLC" and...
  7. P

    How to change font of directory listing page in apache

    I had installed apache2 and enabled directory listing now I want to change the font settings of directory listing page. By default it uses some font say for example arial but I need to change it to times new roman also change the font size as well. I tried with .htaccess but it doesn't inherit...
  8. mohityadavx

    Making Static HTML into Wordpress

    Hey! I have made this website www.bleedlaw.com. Now i wanted to transform this into Wordpress. So I installed Wordpress in XAMPP and have made the entire site in it. Now my question is if I make a Database in my hosting with same name , password etc as used in for XAMPP. Then upload the...
  9. balakrish

    how to write a file in a writeable(777) website directory?

    Hi friend! Let's assume that i have a site which has 777 permissions on all its directory. People say its a vulnerability. Okay let me come to the point. I have the following qns. How a hacker will use this vulnerability? How to write a file in that vulnerable directory? Or...
  10. bubusam13

    Help needed Drupal

    drupal >theme editor> Private File Directory not set I am getting this error while trying to use theme editor. I don't know how to set private directory.
  11. A

    batch file to add registry key

    i want to create a batch file which will add its directory path to registry as a string value.
  12. gagan007

    Sub-Domain using Virtual Directory

    I have a hosting account at Arvixe, obviously Windows hosting. While signing up, I didn't know (as there was no way of knowing it) that they have a limitation of 6 websites (even this was ok) but each sub-domain also counts as a website. I am hosting 3 sites of my own (2 top level domains and...
  13. R

    error launching setups

    Its been few days, i am facing a new problem .The setup cant be extracted .There comes few error messages ,"Install process has been stopped because oferrors in unpacker procedure " and also "the filename ,directory name, volume label syntax is incorrect". please help me out .I tried...
  14. emailaatif786

    Linux Shell Script that calculates the space occupied by files?

    Linux Shell Script that calculates the space occupied by files? Reply me wth a Linux Shell Script that calculates the space occupied by files? There can be three levels: Level 1: Write a script which takes in directory names as arguments and display total space occupied by files. Level...
  15. Charley

    Outlook Express Saved Files - Win XP

    Where is the Outlook Express saved folders/files in the Windows directory ?
  16. C

    Programming in DOS

    OK Friends, A little bit primitive question. I want your suggestions. I downloaded a lot of wallpapers from IndiaFM site through Bulk Image downloader. Now I want to sort it out through Actress/ Actor names and put them in respective folders. I know that it can be done through Cut Paste Option...
  17. P

    Portal management system to build a multi user blog

    Hello All, I am trying to build a website that will have a directory with blogging options. Here is a brief description about the site concept. 1. Directory - A site owner can get listed in this directory with free of cost. 2. Blog Platform - After getting listed in the directory, a...
  18. piyushp_20

    Linux Starter Guide

    Read this article first http://www.itwire.com/content/view/20861/1141/ Introduction to Linux Linux is a UNIX like operating system which runs on a variety of platforms, especially personal computer with Intel 80386 processors or better. It supports a wide range of software, from TEX...
  19. Cool G5

    Create DVD having transition effects alongwith original images directory

    Hi, I have a lot of digit images & want to share them with my friends by the means of a DVD. I will be creating a DVD having transition effects along with background music. I tried Nero vision 5 but it created an .dat file and burnt it on to a cd. But I found the cd not to my liking. It...
  20. M

    Tutorial: How to Move the Firefox Disk Cache To Another Drive

    By default, Firefox automatically allocates 50MB for its disk cache and stores it in the “cache” directory located in the same drive where the browser is installed. Users can view the cache directory location by typing about:config in the Firefox address bar. Disk cache is a mechanism for...
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