Need help for student with multiple drops.


That would be me, by the way.

After 10th, I did MSBTE's diploma in computer engg. and it took me 5 years to finish 3 years of the diploma. After that I joined course in BMS as I had realized that even though I am a geek, this industry may not be for me as I don't have adequate academic qualifications. However, after 6 months, during the eligibility process I was informed (along with 8 others) by Mumbai University that we are not eligible for the BMS as we had not cleared the qualifying exam (TY of diploma for me, HSC for others) in one attempt. So I took admission in B.Sc.(IT) as I had already wasted a year doing BMS. (That one year changed me as a person btw.)

Now I had some troubles after I had taken admission in SY of B.Sc.(IT) but I cleared 5th sem (exam taken by uni and not by college). But, then I got KT in 6th sem in subject DSS (Digital Signals and Systems) and it seems that I have not cleared it. My advanced maths is not that good and I am a goner when it comes to integration and derivatives and this poorly thought subject was full of them.

Currently, I am doing a job in call centre for a technical process (non-voice, we deal with emails, so it can be called as a back end) and thinking of doing 15 weeks course named "Windows Server
Administration & Infrastructure Management" from Govt. Polytechnic, Bandra. It is based on MCSA 2003 and MCITP 2008 Syllabus.

Course overview:
Windows 2003 Server Administration
Create and manage user, group, and computer accounts
Manage file and share permissions
Manage hardware devices, disk storage,
software, and Print Services
Implement backup procedures and perform system recovery
Understanding Windows 2003 Networking
Installing and Configuring TCP/IP
Administering Security Policy
70-680: Windows 7 Configuring
Installing, Upgrading, and Migrating to Windows 7
Deploying Windows 7
Configuring Hardware and Applications
Configuring Network Connectivity
Configuring Access to Resources
Configuring Mobile Computing
Monitoring and Maintaining Systems that Run Windows 7
Configuring Backup and Recovery Options
70- 640: Windows Server 2008 Active Directory
Configuring Domain Name System (DNS) for Active Directory
Configuring the Active Directory infrastructure
Configuring additional Active Directory server roles
Creating and maintaining Active Directory objects
Maintaining the Active Directory environment
Configuring Active Directory Certificate Services
70-642: Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure, Configuring
Configuring IP Addressing and Services
Configuring Name Resolution
Configuring Network Access
Configuring File and Print Services
Monitoring and Managing a Network Infrastructure
70-643: Windows Server 2008 Application Infrastructure, Configuring
Deploy Servers
Configuring Terminal Services
Configuring a Web Services Infrastructure
Configuring Network Application Services
70-647: Windows Server 2008, Enterprise Administrator:
Planning Network and Application Services
Design Core Identity and Access Management Components
Designing Support Identity and Access Management Components
Design for Business Continuity and Data Availability

I would like to know if I should do it or not? Will it be beneficial? Should I join some other course? What other options I have after I have eventually passed B.Sc.(IT)? Can I show my experience of almost 10 months in some other industry? Or I have to apply as fresher? I have no intention of continuing job in BPO industry and I'm looking for some other options.

Sorry for the long rant.
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