1. D

    Radeon R9 270X - 2GB or 4 GB ?

    Does it make huge difference of having 4 GB against 2 GB. 4 GB 2 GB Price diff is around 2000 but is it worth spending more ?
  2. K

    Any exp with buying from Snapdeal?

    Apologies if this seems off-topic. I'm looking for an ultrabook / laptop and seeing the prices on Snapdeal are significantly lower than Flipkart (more than 2K for some models). Not sure about the reason for the price diff. Has anyone purchased from Snapdeal before or knows someone who has...
  3. R

    Sennheiser HD 202 VS HD 203. Which is good?

    I want to buy headphone for gaming, movies and music. Budget 1.5k - 1.7k. Heard that the HD 202/203 are best. Please suggest any other options and what diff with these two sennheiser. Any other brands? Any good wireless option, in this case i can increase my budget by 1k. Please...
  4. ninad_mhatre85

    Diff b/w PCI-e 2.0 & PCI-E x16

    Hi All, What is the diff b/w PCI-e 2.0 & PCI-E x16 slot ? i have ordered ATI HD 5670 and then i realized that i have PCI-E x16 slot and this card gives optimum performance on PCI-E 2.0 socket. I already made payment but will this card work on my mobo : GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket...
  5. H

    Crash Dump Memory

    Sry guys if im posting in wrong section, im totally frustated by Crash Dump Memory Error, in this a blue screen comes which shows diff errors.Plz help ASAP coz im totally frustated coz of dis wen i boot my pc after dis error 4beeps comes n den it boot wid single beep or it continue 4 beeps sound...
  6. R

    Raid 0 [Questions (Size , Brand diff ) ]

    Seagate Barracuda 7200.12(my current) + Western Digital Caviar Blue(planing to buy this for raid 0(click name for LInks) 2) will there b a problem if i use 2 HD from diff company for Raid ? 3) if i use HD 1 250 GB Seg and HD 2 WB 350GB (diff size) will there b any problem other than...
  7. guru_urug

    RAM timing probs

    PC config amd athlon II x4 630 msi 785gm e51 mobo 4GB ddr3 RAM corsair 1333mhz 9800GT 1GB card 500+160 GB hdd I had a 2GB ddr3 1333mhz ram stick earlier, and later added the other 2GB stick..Both are the same model and brand-corsair The thing that stumps me is that even though both...
  8. vishalg

    phenom II 965 or 955?

    hey guys :) My friend is confused btw an amd phenom II 965be & 955be As u know the only diff btw them is the 200mhz clock rate but the price diff. is abt 1k! I adviced him to go for a 955( which i also have and am more than satisfied with its perf.) and spend the 1k on ram. Is the...
  9. mati17

    Tablet or Digital Notepad ?

    Dear Forum Members, Hello !!! I am a office assistant in an MNC. I have to jot down tasks, dictations, drafting, etc. related to notepads. I came to know that there are digital notepads available in the market. I searched Net, but got confused between Digital Natepads & Tablets. Are they...
  10. bajaj151

    Seagate Goflex or Freeagent OR WD Passport

    Size req : 320GB (500GB...if not much price diff) --> Whether to go with USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 ??
  11. R

    Top 5 Phones According to hardware

    If budget wasnt an issue i wanted to know which is the most powerful phone in INDIA right NOW!!! So i was searching & soon i found out that too wasnt that easy bcz one would have a 8MP cam one would have a 12MP one a 5MP but with better processing power M so confused... :| another thing...
  12. giprabu

    What's the diff btwn 32 and 64 bit OS ??

    I've tried both .. but cant see any diff other than 64 bit utilising whole 4gigs of RAM while 32 using only 3 to 3.25 of it.. some say there is performance increase... how and why ??
  13. rahulbalmuri

    Diff. B/W Core i3 & Core 2 Quad & C2D

    guys i wud like to know d diff b/w core i3 v/s c2q v/s c2d.... which is the best for gaming/Business/Entertainment....etc., i mean which is best one.....for all round performance....!
  14. krishnandu.sarkar

    Difference between NVIDIA and ATI

    Hey guys....how does NVIDIA cards differ from ATI cards?? I mean in what basis?? For Eg. I saw NVIDIA 9500GT and ATI Radeon HD4650 The price is almost same.....and they are same type of product from both the companies. But I got stunned to saw tat 4650 has 320 Stream Processors while...
  15. krishnandu.sarkar


    Hi friends.....I know this is a tough ques but the name says it all....!! What's the diff b/w INTEL and AMD processors?? Which one is best in which field?? Like I heard AMD processors r cheap, multimedia and graphics task can be done better in AMD. As well INTEL chips r better for...
  16. S

    Wireless ADSL Routers

    hii frnds, i'm using BSNL 250 home plan and i have got an ADSL modem from BSNL but now i want to upgrade my internet connection to unlimited plan and planning to use it on my lappy. Help me to choose a good ADSL router, shud i get the router from BSNL or from outside like belkin or netgear...
  17. S

    Need info abt Red hat & fedora

    I want to know what is the diff. between fedora & Redhat Enterprise edition of linux.?
  18. midhunmon

    Viewsonic LCD resolutions

    I am planning to buy a new LCD monitor and need to choose from a 17" or 19" viewsonic TFT LCD. I wanted to know how a game in 1024 * 768 resolution or its wide screen counterpart will look on both of them. Will it be OK to use 1024*768 res on a 19" ? The price diff for both of them are not much.
  19. iinfi

    HELP !!! gona buy DVD Writer

    i called my h/w dealer to buy a DVD writer. he was asking me my mobo config. whether i v 915 945 ... blah blah and was asking me aapko ID wala chahiye ki sada vala .. i m clueless as to what he is talking abt? he says DVD writer is diff for diff motherboards. i plan to use this DVD...
  20. prem4u

    Diff B/w Macro and Inline

    can anyone give brief explaination of diffrence between Macros and inline of C..?? general diffrence, Diff in Memory allocated and used..
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