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Diff. B/W Core i3 & Core 2 Quad & C2D


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guys i wud like to know d diff b/w core i3 v/s c2q v/s c2d....
which is the best for gaming/Business/Entertainment....etc.,
i mean which is best one.....for all round performance....!


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Core2Duo : Dual core processors
core2quad: quad core processors
core i3: dual core processors but are based on a newer architecture which takes less amount of power and is faster than core2duo on same clock speed. Also, this one needs newer LGA1156 socket whereas core2duo/quad used LGA775 socket. Another major difference is that core i3 has onboard memory controller and is compatible with DDR3 RAM.

in all round performance, Core i7>> Core i5 quad core >> mid-range core2quad >> core i5 dual core >. core i3 >> core2duo >> Pentium Dual Core.


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and also these core i3,i5,i7 has threading features (hyper threading which gives high performance).and has separate processing for graphics.


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One clarification regarding power consumption. Core i3 processors consume more power than Core 2 duo processors
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