1. dhan_shh

    # MyWiFi - MiFi device,a Mush Have now!

    With the growing Mobiles & Tablets choice,we all need a common device which can provide common source WiFi so that it will be cost effective. I got this Huawei MiFi device & found extremely useful to be online on as many as 5 devices! Highly recomended to all...
  2. sujoyp

    Smartphone for 15k

    Guys I am looking for a smartphone in 15-16k range I want a stylish phone which dont hangs much...give at least 1 day battery life...good sound quality...USB OTG.. What I dont do- Dont watch videos, dont play games, dont use softwares much maybe just opera, battery indicator. Although I...
  3. E

    se xperia pro doubts

    hey guys i am going to buy se xperia pro.i have few questions regarding to it. 1>i will use the phone for watching videos,both on youtube and on the device i want to know how is the video playback of it?i mean what format does the device play and how easy is to convert videos for...
  4. Desmond

    Best mods/addons.

    Hi, Tell us what is your favourite game mods or addons or DLCs. Posted via Mobile Device
  5. ritvij

    A day with an iPhone 4s

    This is my first attempt at a review. Please don't be harsh....:P:P People have reviewed iPhone 4s extensively! The internet is full of professional as well as personal user reviews... But most of the reviewers have penned their thoughts after using it for a considerable period of time. I had...
  6. Neeraj J

    3G mobile broadband router query

    Hey Friends, I was surfing through net & found something about 3G/4G mobile broadband router(ashamed I didn't know earlier:ashamed:). Netgear MBRN3000 router, Leoxsys, Edimax and NetComm are few to name. I was planning to buy USB HSPA+ dongle(Huawei 372 to be precise) but now :nanananana...
  7. S

    Android for 22k

    Guys i am looking for my first android with a max budget of 22k. Last month i had created a thread and had finalized on Samsung Galaxy R. Later i went to Croma twice to have a feel of the device before placing an order on Flipkart. Somehow i was not very happy with the device. To start with it...
  8. D

    Apple Airport Express - any users..

    Any users of Airport express here on forum. AirPort Express - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I am giving thought of buying this only due to its digial to audio converter output. I can play music thru laptop keeping it anywhere and that will be picked up by HT system. Any first hand...
  9. S

    GFX advice needed

    hi guys i like to buy a GFX card for my pc. It was little bit old below are the spec of mine Operating System MS Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1 CPU Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 @ 2.20GHz 47 °C Conroe 65nm Technology RAM 3.00 GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 333MHz (5-5-5-15) Motherboard ECS Livermore8...
  10. G

    No Bluetooth Device found after BIOS Update

    Product Name and No.: HP dv6516tx Operating System: Windows XP Error Message: No Bluetooth device found Changes Made: Updated BIOS to most recent version F. 5A System Information: OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 Build 2600 OS...
  11. M

    Help : Need to buy an e-book reader

    Hello everybody, I need to buy an e-book reader under Rs. 7000. Please suggest me a good e-book reader. Its battery capacity should be very good. Non-touch device would be the preference but touch device will also do. It must have a 5-7 inch display. I don't need a wifi or 3G support in...
  12. marvelousprashant

    Unknown device in Device Manager

    Hello Guys. Just noticed I've an Unknown Device in Device Manager. Dont know what it is. "Update driver" fails. Read on some website that this may be generated by some software. So I restarted my laptop in safe mode. The problem was still there. What to do?
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