1. S

    World of Warcraft

    Hey guys I just started playing on retail since December and been on and off. Anyone here on Digit Forums who plays it?
  2. Z

    [For Sale] 7870 XT - Sapphire GPU

    7870 - Sapphire GPU Mods: Pls delete this thread
  3. GhorMaanas

    'Nirbhaya' case convict interviewed in jail (in 2013)

    Excerpts Source Dec 16 gang-rape convict interview: Delhi Police registers FIR | Zee News - - - Updated - - - timeline of events (not contained in the source-article): 1. permission sought by BBC from Tihar jail authorities & the MHA in June/July 2013 2. nod given by the Tihar jail DG...
  4. Raaabo

    Digit DVD - software app video or game demands 2015

    Post all demands for the stuff you want included in the DVDs that come with Digit here. This is the 2015 thread because December issue has already been closed. Demands will appear in Jan 2015 issue or later.
  5. Cyberghost

    Sony PlayStation 4 coming to India on Dec 18

    Sony's eighth generation gaming console PlayStation 4 is set to hit stores in India next week.Japanese consumer giant, Sony has invited major media houses for the PS 4 launch event at the national capital, New Delhi on 18 December (Wednesday). Read More : Sony PlayStation 4 launching in India...
  6. .jRay.

    Positive Experience (delivered in one day flat)

    I placed an order for two t-shirts on 30th Nov morning and received them on 1st December afternoon. Fastest product delivery I've seen. Even flipkart takes 2 days minimum.
  7. V

    [For Sale] Apc 500va ups

    Hi, I am from Mumbai. As I have upgraded I am selling following component. It is working perfectly fine. 1. APC 500VA UPS Model number: APC Back - UPS ES500 Details: with Bill, Power button needs to be pressed little harder Condition: 8/10 Date of purchase: 22 December, 2007 Warranty details...
  8. Stuge

    Total Lunar Eclipse 10th December 2011

    Last Total Lunar Eclipse
  9. S

    NZXT Guardian 921 availability

    Guys, I'm buying this cabinet in mid December. I've got 2 cities to choose from, - Mumbai and Delhi. Can anyone give me the addresses of the shops and their price and availability of this cabinet. In Delhi, I couldn't find any shop that sells any NZXT product in Nehru Place. I've yet to...
  10. rajivnedungadi

    Old Issues of Digit and Varions Other Magazines

    Available Digit (Formerly Chip) - April 1998 to December 2005 - Rs.20/- each Chip - December 2003 - December 2005 - Rs.20/- each PC Quest - September 1997 - December 2005 - Rs.20/- each No CD-DVD Provided All issues are in good condition Cash and Carry Only Buyers preferred from Mumbai...
  11. L

    New Technology - A camera affixed behind your back?

    source : Well Technology actually helps people and eases in day to day life! But sometimes Technology can also be gross and sick :P LOL..Yea this is the case for an Iraqi born professor who actually wants to view...
  12. C

    build a mid-range pc for 30k

    Hello my name is Mohit!!! aftr a lng thnking m ready to get a new pc for myself... My budget is 30-32k I personally prefer intel over AMD as i had always used an intel processor... so i dnt have any experience of AMD but still i need your help in getting me a new pc... i make u sure that m nt...
  13. walkmanguru

    Free paypal money for Facebook india users (upto 100$)

    Paypal Wishlist is a facebook application that can earn you upto $100. All you have to do is login to your facebook account and register for the wishlist application. You can do so using the following link NOTE : PayPal account holders registered in India...
  14. Anorion

    [By Demand] December 2009

    Thank you for your efforts in posting in the Nov By Demand thread. Anything that was not put in the Nov DVD, will be considered for the December DVD. This is a special issue here, so ask away. Will post a shortlist of things I am considering in some time (=5 days).
  15. Cool G5

    Your plans on 31st December?

    The title says it all. What's up this 31st December? Actually, we(Me and my friends) needed some tips to welcome the new year in a unique way. Tell me your plans this 31st. :D Happy new year guys !!!
  16. T

    Simmtronics Launches 10.2-Inch Netbook

    Simmtronics which is better known for its inexpensive memory modules, has decided to venture into the netbook segment with the announcement of the company's first netbook, based on Intel's Atom mobile CPU. This netbook will be available in the Indian market this year. The company plans to...
  17. kumarmohit

    MTNL 3G coming on December 11 Lets keep our fingers crossed.
  18. N

    Big Nokia Announcement Coming up

    Nokia is all set to make a major announcement on Tuesday & Wednesday (2nd & 3rd December) Could it be the flagship touchscreen N-Series? Look here:
  19. VarDOS

    GTA IV for PC Delayed Until December 2nd

    GTA IV for PC Delayed Until December 2nd Rockstar has confirmed that the PC version of GTA IV will be delayed by more than a month until December 2nd. The reason behind this delay remains unknown, but the game maker has at least released the minimum and recommended system requirements for...
  20. Raaabo

    [By Demand] December 2008 (Special)

    Unavoidable circumstances have led to the November 2008 demand thread not being created. I've decided to give you guys more time to demand goodies for the December issue. So fire away!
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