Is Lenovo ThinkPad L450 core i5 4th gen worth buying now ?


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Well, this is for a friend of mine but me too lured by think pad branding ;)

While hunting for Asus core i3 5th gen with 2 yrs warranty at lamington road market a dealer offered him Lenovo Think Pad L450 14 inch / core i5 4th gen / 500GB HDD / 4GB ram & Dos last available piece @Rs.30000/-. The dealer even mentioned 3yrs warranty for the same but I feel it might be his trick to sell.

Should we get the Lenovo Think pad L450 @ 30k?
Other dealer has offered Asus i3 15.6 inch / 5th gen / 1tb HDD / 4GB ram / 2yrs warranty @25500 with Asus backpack & 25100 without Backpack.

Everyday computing task with better battery backup & should play H265 HEVC encoded 1080p movies flawlessly.

Please help.


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To be honest it's always good if you have a i5 specc'd laptop. Multi-tasking sometimes gets difficult on an i3. The real question is if your friend has to select between 1TB and 500GB(and also a 5K price difference. The 3 years warranty will only be for laptop components and not for the battery as battery is 6 month(max 12 months) on most Laptops. Batteries tend to degrade a lot after a year or two of hard usage. So it's hard to guess which one will be working for a longer period of time.

As your friend needs to watch high-res encoded videos, the extra storage would probably help. So I guess it's the most logical to go for the 1TB model with i3 and 2 years of warranty.
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