[Complaint] Awaiting replacement/repair of Seasonic PSU for over 2 months


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I purchased a gaming rig with a friend of mine ~3-4 months ago. ~2.5 months ago my PC suddenly stops working. Completely non responsive. After checking with my friend, inspecting my cabinet and doing some online reading, I figured it was my PSU. So, I took it to the dealer in Lamington, asking him to get it repaired or replaced as it's under warranty. I was told waiting period ranges from 1-4 weeks, to which I agreed. Now, it's been almost 2 months, still no response or progress. Though I've contacted the dealer and emailed him on multiple occasions, he says Seasonic is taking additional time as some public holidays came in between. I mean, 6 weeks is far stretched. Today, I even emailed Seasonic support and sales team, explaining to them my situation and asking their assistance. I'm ready to divulge any further product related details, if it helps me get ahead. I just want my PSU back, it's too freakin long!

Requesting your suggestions or advices.



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you submitted the PSu to the service center/to the distributor/to the seller ? Did you get a RMA No./ Call Id .. if so post it here - also the name of the seller/distributor/service center and wait for the reply from Seasonic.
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