1. anirudh68

    Kingston FURY DDR5 Review

    DDR4 vs DDR5: Key improvements Numerous advancements are made by the most recent memory generation. These modifications include things like increasing memory bandwidth, reducing memory access times, and providing better power efficiency. Pin Layout and Notch The notch (also known as a key) has...
  2. S

    Kingston FURY DDR5 Gaming Review

    Thanks to Digit and Kingston for this opportunity. Getting a Intel 12th Gen system with the latest DDR5 RAM and SSD was a dream come true. Compared to my laptop, the system is very fast and has very high performance. Being a gamer, I spent most of my time just gaming on the 12th Gen system...
  3. N

    Kingston FURY DDR5 Review

    Introduction Although DDR5 makes a lot of claims, one of its key selling points is the increased bandwidth it can supply to computers with many of cores such as the new Intel 12th Gen processors. Since today's current CPUs may support up to 16 cores for ordinary PCs, memory bandwidth has become...
  4. tamatarpakoda

    Kingston FURY DDR5 Review Event

    Be a part of the next-generation gaming experience with DDR5! Kingston invites Digit Geek Patrons to test the performance of the DDR5 PC set-up Introduction DDR5 is the next leap in the evolution of RAM and if you are looking to upgrade from DDR4, it is the right moment to do so! Kingston...
  5. aniket.cain

    [For Sale] Asus R9 280X 3GB DDR5 - 3 Yr Old GPU, Excellent condition

    1. *Model number and details: Asus R9 280X 3GB DDR5 R9280X-DC2T-3GD5 | Graphics Cards | ASUS India 2. *Date of purchase: January 2014 from PrimeABGB 3. Reason for sale: Don't need it anymore 4. Warranty details: No official warranty left 5. *Expected Price: Rs. 9,500 6. *Location...
  6. digibrush

    Which brand should I choose?

    I want to buy GTX 750Ti or 750 Ti OC, and prefer local purchase. The available brands are: 1. GIGABYTE GRAPHICS CARD GTX 750 TI 2GB DDR5 DOUBLE FAN (Gv-N75TOC2-2GI ) 2. ASUS GRAPHICS CARD GTX 750 TI 2GB DDR5 OC EDITION(GTX750TI-OC-2GD5) 3. INNO3D GRAPHICS CARD GTX 750 TI 2GB DDR5 (...
  7. mikael_schiffer

    Rs 12-13k Upgrade (CPU+Motherboard+GPU)

    I am currently using: Intel E5200 2.5 Ghz 2GB DDR2 RAM Xfx G41 Motherboard Xfx Ati Radeon HD 4670 1GB DDR3 My current PSU is a generic one, no brand. The PC was assembled by someone around 5 years ago. SO there is no way i can inquire about the make and rating of the PSU. I will be upgrading...
  8. jkultimate

    750 vs 750ti...Does it makes a huge difference.?

    Cards considered: Asus 750 1GB ddr5 and Asus 750 Ti 2GB ddr5. Will extra 1GB and some more CUDA Cores and texture units makes a huge difference.? Games I wanna play, GTA 5 (when it comes to pc), FIFA Series, GRID, DIRT etc..! (No fps games.) 750 costs 9500 and 750 Ti costs 10900. Budget is...
  9. RON28

    Galaxy GT 730 DDR5 1GB for 4.7k

    How is this graphic to play games at medium settings? Though I couldn't find the review of this card on Internet, is it a good buy from the price point of view? Galaxy NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 GC 1 GB DDR5 Graphics Card - Galaxy: Flipkart.com
  10. S

    Gtx 650ti vs 750ti vs r7 260x

    hey friend as title suggest my friend wants to buy a new graphic card ......He has a strict budget of rupees 10,000 (not a single penny more) . he has selected following cards :- Sapphire r7 260x 2gb ddr5 ----------around 9500 rs ( Flipkart) Zotac nvidia gtx 750ti 2 gb ddr5 ----around 10700...
  11. S

    DDR3 or DDR5

    Which is better 4GB DDR3 OR 2GB DDR5..? Please reply....
  12. S


    I own a Intel DG41RQ1 Motherboard. I was wondering if SAPPHIRE GRAPHICS CARD R9 270X 2GB DDR5 DUAL-X OC WITH BOOST is compatible with this motherboard.
  13. T

    Which is the Best graphics card under rs 6.7K?

    Hello TDF,i want to buy graphics card for my little brother.I decided to buy an HD 6670 DDR5 1GB,but my brother says he wants 2gb,i tried to make him understand that he wont get 2gb DDR5 at such price,but he don't understand.And since his PC config is old,anything above an HD 6670 will...
  14. shreeux

    Best Graphics Card DDR3 or DDR5?

    I am recently upgraded the system .... Configuration is... AMD FX(tm)-6100 Six-Core Processor ASUS M5A97 Motherboard Corsair DDR3 8GB RAM PC3-12800J (800 MHz) Cool Master 750W SMPS Seagate 500GB Hard disk windows 7 sp1 32bit what is difference between DDR3 and DDR5? I like to...
  15. mandarpalshikar

    GTX780 - Which one is beter

    Guys, my friend wants to splurge money.. around 50k on GFX. Which one of the below is better... And any idea if any of the online shops offer EMI options on Credit Cards? Asus GTX 780 Direct CU II - Rs. 54999 + shipping ON SALE! - ASUS GRAPHICS CARD GTX 780 3GB DDR5 DC II OC - Rs.54,999 -...
  16. A

    GTX 760 VS Sapphire 7950 vapor x??(Urgent)

    One of my friend wants to buy a GPU but is confused between GTX 760 and 7950 Vapor-X(All his hardware will support both the GPU's) Which among the GTX 760 and 7950 vapor-x is better??(Dont care about the price difference) IMO 7950 Vapor -X has 3GB DDR5 memory compared to GTX 760 which has...
  17. arun garg

    How is Zotac 1GB DDR5 630 for my rig

    I have gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H + core i3 3210 + 4GB ram + 1TB hdd I want a graphic card my budget is 5000/- I have selected zotac 1Gb DDR5 630. I will play games like NFS most wanted, crysis 3, Battlefield 3. I want to know that is this a good buy or I should buy some other graphics card.
  18. A

    Diffrence between graphic card

    Diffrence between DDR5 and DDR3 graphic card
  19. KiLL

    Guys please help mee..... 7750 or (6770+PSU)

    Hi. I live in Kolkata. My budget is maxx 7k.. so from a long time i am searching for a gpu.. so here is what i am getting.. 1.SAPPHIRE GRAPHICS CARD HD 7750 1GB DDR5 7750 for 6.5k:lol: 2.POWERCOLOR GRAPHICS CARD HD6770 1GB DDR5 128BIT 6770 for 5.2k!!!!:-D I hav a local psu of 16amps...
  20. Godoftheforbiddenlight

    amd answer to titan?

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