Diffrence between graphic card


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There is no Graphic memory known as DDR5, it is GDDR5 or Graphics Dual Data Rate 5 memory. The normal DDR and GDDR are not same, DDR3 and GDDR3 memory are two completely different product, the former is designed for PC and far cheaper to produce whereas the GDDR version is optimized for high memory bandwidth suitable for a GPU or Graphics Processing Unit. Currently there are plenty of low budget Graphics cards available which come with normal DDR3 memory and believe me, they are actually slower than the GDDR3 version.

Now for GDDR3 and GDDR5, the former one is a Dual Data Rate (DDR) memory whereas the later one is a QDR or Quad Data Rate Memory. Let me give you an example:- Suppose M1 is a GDDR3 memory, running at X Hz and M2 is a GDDR5 memory running at the same speed. it means, both M1 and M2 can perform X number of clock cycles per second. Now DDR means, in a single clock cycle the memory can perform 2 Data Tranfers, resulting 2X number of transfers per second. But for a QDR memory, it can performs 4 Transfers per clock cycle, resulting 4X number of Tranfers per second.

I think, now you understand, a GDDR5 memory can tranfer twice the data than that of a DDR3 or GDDR3 memory, running at the same speed. So the effective speed of the GDDR5 is 4 X Actual Speed (4X in our example) whereas for GDDR3 and DDR3, it is 2 X the Actual Speed (2X in our case).
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