Gtx 650ti vs 750ti vs r7 260x

hey friend as title suggest my friend wants to buy a new graphic card ......He has a strict budget of rupees 10,000 (not a single penny more) . he has selected following cards :-

Sapphire r7 260x 2gb ddr5 ----------around 9500 rs ( Flipkart)
Zotac nvidia gtx 750ti 2 gb ddr5 ----around 10700 ( Flipkart )
Zotac nvidia 650ti 2gb ddr5 ---- around 9400 ( Flipkart )

he has following config :-
Amd fx 8320 black edition
asus m5a 97 r 2.0
6 gb ddr3 1333mhz ram
antec vp 550p psu
aoc i2369 23 inch full hd led monitor

he wants to play all games like bf4 , watch dogs at high settings( NOT ULTRA !! ) .at full hd ( 1920 x 1080 resolution) ..........Also if u have any better card option other than above , plz tell .


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1. Which Power Supply do you have? (Be EXACT while naming the company and model)
Ans: Antec vp 550p

2. What is your budget?
Ans: rupees 10,000 strict .

3. Which resolution will you game at?
Ans: 1980 x 1080p ( i.e full hd )

4. What are your current computer specifications?
Ans: Amd fx 8320 black edition
Asus m5a 97 r 2.0
6 gb ddr3 1333 mhz ram simtronics
antec vp 550p power supply
Luminous uno 1000 va ups


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see if you can get this SAPPHIRE GRAPHICS CARD R7 265 2GB DDR5 DUAL X (R7 265 2GB DDR5 - - - 17,500.00). else 750 ti.


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r7 265 is out of my friend's budget :( ......he has max budget of 10,000 rs.......In case he is unable to find 750ti , should he go with 650ti or r7 260x ?? will it be enough to run modern games at full hd ??

Also out of 650ti and r7 260x which u prefer ???
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