1. ramakanta

    Upgrade RAM-DDR2 (Problem)

    My Friend's PC has model No. - HCL EZEEBEE MAX 4781 p4 506 Mother board name P4M800PRO-M FSB 1066 AGP8X ATA133 windows Xp SP3 it was previously installed 256MB of RAM DDR1 . Now he upgraded to 1Gb DDR2 RAM ( in DDR2 Slot, DDR1 removed from system ). but problem is system properties...
  2. B

    DDR1 333MHz RAM on a DDR266 Mhz motherboard

    I have a very old pentium 4, DDR1 RAM based PC lying in my house. Last time i checked, it was working fine [5 years ago], but i gave away its 512MB ram [can't remember its clock speed] to a friend a couple of years ago. I am thinking about using this PC as download rig. but i unable to get it...
  3. D

    [Want to Buy] DDR1 based Mobo & Processor

    I'm interested in buying DDR1 based motherboard and processor. If any1 have good conditioned mobo & processor, please let me know. However, my budget is very limited (less than 1K).
  4. S

    Components that needs to be changed : Urgent help needed

    I have spare desktop : intel pentium D processor/ 865G intel motherboard /512 mb DDR1 ram / and 2 SATA HDD (1 TB each ) rest config same as normal desktops... My this computer used only for downloading and browsing(sometimes) only is performing very slow ... i want to change the...
  5. S

    DDR1 Ram - 512MB

    Hi, Up for sale is DDR1 RAM - 512 MB Brand: Digital Warranty - None Reason for sale- Lying Idle + Need Cash. Price Expected: 350/- Location:- Noida
  6. bajaj151

    Motherboard for P4 3.0Ghz

    Motherboard required: - for P4 3.0ghz (LGA775) - DDR1 support
  7. A

    Dynet 1GB DDR1 400MHz RAM

    Selling Dynet 1GB DDR1 400MHz RAM Working like a charm. Brought on 25-05-2010 2 yrs local warranty. No bill. Asking price: SOLD
  8. Admirer Of Digit

    DDR1 Ram 400

    i want to buy a ddr1/ddr 400 256 mb or more ram.............. pm me.......
  9. Kniwor

    DDR1 Ram

    I need DDR1 Ram modules greater than or equal to the capacity 512Mb DDR400. I am located in Delhi.
  10. joe333

    Motherboard Socket 754

    My mobo got fried ....so looking for a fully functional socket 754 compatible motherboard. Preferably with onboard graphics and DDR1. If any of you have one please leave me a PM/e mail thanks
  11. rohan_mhtr

    2 * 512 MB DDR1 RAM and 80GB portable usb hard disk .

    2 * 512 MB DDR1 RAM and 80GB portable usb hard disk @ only Rs1200 I want to sell my old pc components quickly since i am in need of money to buy a new mobile . I have 2 ddr1 512 mb rams each . one is ddr400mhz and other is ddr 266 mhz . I want Rs 600 for ddr400 and Rs 500 for ddr266 . If you...
  12. thetillian

    My System Problem

    Hi, i had a P4 system of below config: Intel P4 2.66 Gigabyte 81915MR 512 MB DDR1 RAM+256 MB DDR1 RAM 320 GB Sata HDD Ausus DVD Writer and all other components My problem is the my system is dead slow means even i cant run firefox smoothly opening more then 3 tabs make it dead slow and...
  13. A

    amd - msi

    amd athlon64 3200+ msi k8ngm2mb 512x2 ddr1 ram for sale
  14. P

    Sell Intel 845gvsr Motherboard And Trancend DDR1 Jet RAMwith warrenty

    Hi.... I wanted to sell a few peripherals of my comp so that i could upgrade mine...... Only 4 poeple livin in Bangalore ....... 1. DDR1 RAM - 1GB ----400mhz--- Transcend Jet RAM (Still under warrenty period ) 2. DDR1 RAM - 128MB ----266 --- Hynix 3. INTEL ORIGINAL MOTHERBOARD D845GVSR...
  15. ajai5777

    DDR1 and DDR2

    I have a small doubt regarding the RAM Is there any performance difference between DDR1 400Mhz and DDR2 800MHz specially in games...? Suppose a new game require 2gb ram. do they mean 2gb DDR2..? Or 2gb ddr1 will meet the same performance in that game...?
  16. X

    FS :- P4 Desktop Rig

    FS :- P4 Desktop Rig (revised Prices) PRICES REVISED Here's my P4 Rig for sale Processor ------ P4 3.0 HT (478 Pin) ------ No Warranty ------- price (1.7k) Mobo ------ ASUS P4C 800 E-DELUX Intel 875P ------ No Warranty ------- price (5K) *RAM 1 ------ 1GB Kingston DDR1 400Mhz RAM...
  17. A

    Help me?????????

    hai my sys configuration is pentium 4 2.66GHz MB D101... DDR1 ram 256MB Inbuilt graphics card(i don't know wat graphics card) 80GB HDD Friends now my system is getting problem often like when iam...
  18. ECE0105

    Please suggest Mother Board.

    Hi Guys, I have an old P4 2.8GHz processor (511) whose motherboard died some months ago. I also have an additional 1 Gb DDR2 (667MHz) RAM and also 2x512Mb DDR1 RAM (Leftover from the old Motherboard), an 80Gb SATA HDD & Cabinet. Please suggest me a low cost motherboard, so that I can...
  19. toofan

    continuous small beeps at booting?????

    Hello friends, My office pc is having a weird problem. There are continuous beep beep sounds at the time of booting and the green light is also flickering but the pc is not starting at all. And on pressing restart button it reboots again and same problem. How to solve this problem...
  20. saurabh kakkar

    Can i use this Ram configuration ?

    Hi I have p4 2.4 Ghz based system having 256 ddr1 Ram 266 mhz I m interested in upgrading my Ram so Can i connect 512 ddr1 333 mhz with my current 256 ddr1 266 mhz ? My mobo supports both 266 and 333 mhz frequency
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