[Want to Buy] DDR1 based Mobo & Processor


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I'm interested in buying DDR1 based motherboard and processor. If any1 have good conditioned mobo & processor, please let me know. However, my budget is very limited (less than 1K).


Broken In
I have a mobo with intel 865 chioset and p4(2.4GHz) processor. Some issue with the RAM, so wont be able to give you the RAM. Also i have a cabinet and LG dvd writer in cpu. iBall smp is wat i had installed recently.
I bought a new rig 2 weeks back so was looking out for options where i can sell my old one.
You tell me wat all parts amoung the above mentioned one you want and wat price you can give for it, so accordingly i can decide over and let you know..
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