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The Revolutionary
Hi, i had a P4 system of below config:
Intel P4 2.66
Gigabyte 81915MR
320 GB Sata HDD
Ausus DVD Writer
and all other components

My problem is the my system is dead slow means even i cant run firefox smoothly opening more then 3 tabs make it dead slow and my system is shuddenly shutdowning and when i check the temp's cpu temp is in range of 85-90, i think it is high temp and one of my ram slot is not working, now i cannot afford for a new system so i wanna to change one to two componenets i.e., if i change the motherboad can i get it back on track. I dont do much thinks just i watch some movie dvd's and do browsing


EXIT: DATA Junkyard
- Apply new thermal compound on CPU
- Clean CPU fan
- Try running PC with cabby door open, and check for any drastic drop in temps

FF3 memory leak is a problem, and it eats up more than 1GB sometimes.
Try "Firefox Ultimate Tweaker"


Cyborg Agent
You're right in thinking that your CPU temperature is on the high side. This may be causing the CPU to throttle back and cause system slow-down. Before spending money replacing something, try the following:

The CPU heatsink fins are probably clogged with dust. This is a common cause of overheating. Remove the fan, clean it AND the heatsink. Use a paintbrush to clean between the heatsink fins. If you can't remove the fan, at least use something like a bicycle pump to blow out dust.

As comp@ddict suggested, remove the CPU heatsink, clean the old thermal paste and apply a fresh one. If you're not familiar with how to do that, ask for help from someone who knows how to do it.

Are you familiar with memtest86? You can check your memory with it. Download it from here:

Use it to burn a bootable CD and boot your computer with it. At default settings, it will automatically run your memory through 8 different tests and report any defect. Preferably let the cycle of 8 stages run several times (it will automatically repeat the tests until you stop it).

It will be a good idea to report your results here.
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