Sell Intel 845gvsr Motherboard And Trancend DDR1 Jet RAMwith warrenty

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Right off the assembly line

I wanted to sell a few peripherals of my comp so that i could upgrade mine...... Only 4 poeple livin in Bangalore .......
1. DDR1 RAM - 1GB ----400mhz--- Transcend Jet RAM (Still under warrenty period )
2. DDR1 RAM - 128MB ----266 --- Hynix
3. INTEL ORIGINAL MOTHERBOARD D845GVSR (64 MB integrated graphics, 3 PCI slots , 4 USB 2.0 PORTS , front bus speed 400mhz supports front USB & front audio, mic..., Interface IDE )

4. Samsung CD/RW

Contact - for more details...
Thank You
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