continuous small beeps at booting?????

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Hello friends,

My office pc is having a weird problem. There are continuous beep beep sounds at the time of booting and the green light is also flickering but the pc is not starting at all. And on pressing restart button it reboots again and same problem.

How to solve this problem guys??:confused:

It is a P4 on gigabyte motherboard with 256 mb ddr1 ram. From past few months its fan are running at full speed whene ever the pc is switched on.

Now please give me the solution. Thanks


Check RAM..(this is the major culprit....sometimes just reinserting RAM will solve the problem)
Then Hard disk
First check whether all components are detected in the BIOS Menu


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can be anything from a faulty motherboard,processor to faulty RAMs. Observe the beep pattern next time and check this.


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Give some work to the IT/ Hardware mantenance staff at your office!!

There's some element of trial and error in resolving such issues related to beeps. Remove the RAM and start the PC..if you get the same error most likley either RAM slot is filled with dust blocking good contact with RAM pins or the RAM chip is dead.

After replacing RAM if the same continues..most likley video card could be the next culprit..after all such tryouts finally it's the CPU to be blamed !! Also visit AWARD Bios , AMI Bios related websiteswhich give possible error explanation for the number of beeps.
Since it's office PC hopefully the IT/Maintenance team should be having sufficient stock of spares to nail down the problem.


Ya yesterday I called for the maintenance. He tested and found that some part of the mobo is burnt away. six days time to repair it.

By the way thanks guys.
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