DDR1 333MHz RAM on a DDR266 Mhz motherboard


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I have a very old pentium 4, DDR1 RAM based PC lying in my house. Last time i checked, it was working fine [5 years ago], but i gave away its 512MB ram [can't remember its clock speed] to a friend a couple of years ago.
I am thinking about using this PC as download rig. but i unable to get it working

Right now this setup includes, P4 processor, A-open MX4GVR-GN motherboard, A-open 250W PSU, CD-ROM, 20GB segate IDE HDD, a couple of PCI cards [one is a dial up modem and IDK what the other one is], an NO RAM stick.

i have 2 X DDR1 RAM sticks unused since 2006. both are 333MHz PC2700. i checked my motherboard's manual and it shows my motherboard supports DDR 266MHz PC2100 RAM sticks. can i use 333MHz RAM on 266MHz supporting motherboard?

i've tried inserting both RAMs in different slots individually and together, but PC doesn't show BIOS screen or anything. tried using CMOS jumper, removed and inserted battery. but nothing worked. What should i do?


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First of all, although I'm not solving your problem, I'd say its better to use your phone for downloads. It will consume far less power and work over wifi (if you have it).

Now coming to your problem, Is the PC receiving power? Check if the fans are spinning and the lights are blinking on the motherboard. As for the RAM, AFAIK modern sticks downclock to match the motherboard's supported speed, not sure about old ones though.
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