1. cute.bandar

    Airetl: starting internet from the middle of the month

    Hey I have a quick question about airtel broadband. I took a broadband connection about a week ago and smartbytes showed: 11 days 15gb left. Today it shows 4 days 9.7 gb left. So my question is if I were to use these 9.7 gb in the last 4 days, will airtel charge me the full amount 999+taxes...
  2. H

    Will the Rupee hit 70 before august end?

    Basically the title. At 68.5 right now with a few more days to go so it seems plausible.
  3. theserpent

    Positive Experience Purchases from Amazon

    So far I just purchased a book from Amazon and had got it within 3 days.
  4. Harsh Pranami

    Which course to join in semester holidays?? (After 1st year)

    I've just given the 2nd sem external exam and now I have 25 days long holiday before me. I was wondering if I could make use of my holidays by joining some secondary programming course. Please guide me. BTW I'm pursuing B.E. in computer science. Please note that I have only 25 days more to...
  5. sunny4691

    [For Sale] White Nillkin Hard Case for Nexus 4

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: White Nillkin Hard Case For Nexus 4, Used for Only 3 days Expected Price: Rs 700/- OR Trade With a PCI-E Sound Card + Cash from my side. Time of Purchase: February 2013 Company official Indian warranty...
  6. bajaj151

    Mobile under 18k

    I am planning to purchase mobile within 10-12 days. Budget: 18k
  7. L

    Doubt Regarding SSD Lifetime writes on a new SSD

    2 weeks back i purchased OCZ Vertex 4 256GB SSD after. After 4 to 5 days i installed HD Sentinel, Lifetime writes were about 2.1 TB and there is noway i would have written that much data in 5 days. From past 10 days my average daily writes as reported by HD Sentinel are 10-11 GB. Even if i...
  8. R

    Which mobile is better of these?

    My friend wants a budget 3G phone & has shortlisted the following two mobiles. His budget is Rs.3000/- (aprox). He wants 3G, Java for games and good battery life of 3-4 days. Pls suggest which one is better and if these are not the choices, then which one should he go with. 1. Nokia 2730...
  9. A

    Licensing problem about Titanium anti virus on digit dvd.

    dear friends, digit provided titanium anti virus suite on jan. 2013 issue stating that it is free.digit also provided this anti virus previousely as 90 days validity but it is only 30 days trial asks serial key on start can i get the serial key.please help:-?
  10. T

    i5 (3 gen) laptop in the range ₹30 k-₹35k

    hello everyone! i want a a laptop in the range of ₹35k -₹35 k with good configurationn ( i5 (3 gen) ,3-4 gb ram, min 500 gb hard disk, with a graphic card !) . . also i have to buy it within 3-4 days!! any recommendations?? dell, hp , sony vaio are the brands i‘ll like to consider!!
  11. TechnoHolic

    Blue Stuck Pixel On New Samsung Monitor

    I've purchased a new samsung LED monitor on 1-1-2013,but i'm so unlucky..:cry: there is a super-tiny blue stuck pixel in the right is noticeable when a black screen applied as wallpaper and on "check signal status" with full brightness and contrast.. is it really true that this stuck...
  12. cute.bandar

    2 days old Microsoft wireless desktop 2000 keyboard mouse combo

    1. *Model number and details: Microsoft desktop 2000 keyboard mouse combo wireless. in perfect condition. Flipkart Features: - wireless - lots of multimedia keys - built in wrist support. 2. *Date of purchase: 25th december 2012 from nehru place. 3. Reason for sale: microsoft intellitype...
  13. anikesh102

    Suggest a gaming laptop under 70,000rs.

    my budget is 60-70k... i m confused b/w samsung s03in and dell 14r turbo,15r turbo and 17r turbo(i5 one)... or any other laptop that i m not aware of... i have to buy it in next 4 days....
  14. ico

    iPhone 4S - only ~2 days of call history?

    Any way to sort this out? This is idiotic.
  15. T

    Micromax A110 with Android ICS has stopped downloading apps

    My Micromax A110 with Android ICS has stopped downloading apps a couple of days back. I have been using it for a month so far and have not had any problem till now. I checked the memory and it seems to be adequate. The sad thing is that I even paid for a certain app and even that one is not...
  16. shaunak

    [Views] Dell's support to its phone customers poor

    Hey, My Dell XCD-35's screen went bad in my 10th month of ownership [Lucky it did not decide to wait till the warranty ran out before conking off] I was quoted 60 working days to fix the fault since the model is now discontinued. I was not issued a stand-in either. Its been 45 days now and...
  17. Sainatarajan

    Computer not turning on ????

    Guys , This is the First Problem After Building My New Rig . I was Playing Games and Turned the pc off. Went out 2 to 3 Days and turned it on . But Within a Fraction of a second it Shut Downs . First time it went till the welcome Screen and then it shut down. Pls Help Guys .
  18. anirbandd

    [Complaint] SONY KDL-EX520 46" Display problem.

    Company name: SONY Product (be exact): KDL-EX520 46" Name of the distributor/service provider/dealer and location: Khosla Electronics, Kolkata Location: Kolkata Date of purchase: April 2012 Description of problems faced and the incident: As you know, when the TV is just switched on in...
  19. LegendKiller

    Lumia 800 substantial price drop: Rs18.5 K

    Ok, here it goes.......another signal that new lumia's are just few days away now that Microsoft will be their Win-8 event tommorrow. Nokia has dropped the price of its former flagship to Rs.18500 from 23000 till a few days back. Link : Nokia Lumia 800 gets a price drop by over Rs 4K Worth...
  20. kartikoli

    3 days old Karbonn A9+ [dualcore android]

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL:Buy Karbonn A9+ Online at Best Price in India: Comparison, Ratings, Reviews, Specifications of Branded Mobiles: Expected Price: Rs 8,500/- Shipped Time of Purchase: Invoice date :13-oct-2012 it took 2 days to deliver ... so 3 days...
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