1. freshseasons

    Can Digit forum carry on its Own ?

    Most of these days i feel Digit Forum has lost some of the charm or rather aptly just lost a bit of shine. I don't mean to push the point that its fails to attract the visitors.It does and in drones but there is simply no hedonism. One just, these days needs to take a glance, stroll around...
  2. P

    LInux DC++ crash problem!!!!!!!!

    I use Ubuntu Hardy ........when I start linux DC++ , the software starts fine and works nicely for a minute or so but automatically closes after that. It used to work nicely until few days back I even tried it reinstallig it but no avail !!!!!!! PLZ tell me what to do???
  3. H

    An old gem of a game.

    Anybody remember playing this old-skool game? I was browsing through my game collection and found this old jem and a very technical one at that. Such a wonderful piece of nostalgia. No fancy eye-candy, no rocket requirements, just good old fun. The aircraft genre is dead now isn't it or...
  4. V

    100 days of KIS license

    Folks, Get 100 days of KIS license for free.. *
  5. andy_shah_2000

    FS: Kingston 2GB Stick DDR2 ( 15 Days OLD with BILL )

    Kingston 2GB DDR2 800Mhz ( 2GB X 1 ) -> Rs 1500 + Shipping Guys this is a hardly used RAM which is opened 15 days back but am not using as i got a 2 X 2GB Corsair XMS2 RAM. Local buyers can have a COD Option and others can PM me for the details. Here is the not so good Screen Shot but...
  6. victor_rambo

    I am looking for a flash designer/developer

    Hi guyz, I am looking for a flash designer/ developer. Preferably from Thane or nearby areas. Duration of work is very work(approx 7 days), but may be given more work! Beginners are welcome! Plz PM me for more info.
  7. A

    Is Rediff's Standard declining?

    Anyone feel that Rediff's standard is declining these days almost in every field like news, movie reviews and to some extent even mail service? Take e.g. the recent mistake they did here: * They posted...
  8. M

    Is this a Free Theme?

    I found the same theme here: * I am not getting this whether this is Free or not. As Revolution gone open source some days back and their official site don't feature the above theme :confused::confused::confused:
  9. D

    Bleu 670Z(Dual SIM)-50 days old for SALE !

    Scratchless,brand new looking "Bleu 670Z" a dual sim mobile working excellent and 50 days old with 1yr warranty for sale: Location: Chennai Price: 7000.00 Interested friends reply in this thread or pm me.
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