Will the Rupee hit 70 before august end?

Will the rupee hit 70 before august end?

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its seems it will reach 70....and I hear that cost of all imported items will increase by around 20-25% coz they are still selling at old rates..


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Its good that I ordered my processor from Amazon within the limit under 62. :p

But this looks pretty bad. :(


The dollar closed at 68.80 ( lost its value by Rs. 2.56 during the whole day ).
Not a Financial Expert, but judging from the trend, i think the 70 mark might get breached within Friday (30th August )


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Exports People will be happy by getting 20 rs extra for each dollar...

But... Imports People... Only God Can save them :(


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Wow Rupee jumped to 66 :)

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