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  1. V

    Designed New Digit Archive, Download it here

    Update Thanks for your support! The Digit Archive has been included in the July issue 2009 of the Digit Magazine :-) W00T! Added an Auto-Update feature to version 2.0.Now the Archive database will be updated from the internet. All previous users are requested to download the latest version...
  2. A

    accessing the database in a faster way..

    I have a problem with ms access. the database(.mdb file) is placed in a remote server in say another country. There are two ways to use it. First - open the database directly from the remote location(via network path) , opening it and using its forms to manipulate the data in it. Second -...
  3. sachin_kothari

    XML Database for Blogs

    I am planning to develop a web app for Blogging in PHP. I would like to know if it would be feasible to store all the the data in XML database or MySQL database in terms of speed and effeciency. I tried googling for it but could not find anything informative and rest was too confusing. Also...
  4. G

    C# Project Problem Challenge.

    I m prepare the project on the C#.NET 2005 (Framework 2.0) with SQL SERVER 2005.I 'm facing some problems in my old project I hope so try to sort out. The problems are:confused:: 1.I created a windows application project in C#.NET(VS 2005) with framework 2.0 and used SQL SERVER 2005 as back...
  5. Pragadheesh

    problem with ms access connectivity in c#

    hi, i developed a window application(a aregistration form) and tried to store the details in a database. i used ms access. here is the method for the "submit" button that would store the details in the database. my database name is Registration and table name is Registration private void...
  6. sganesh

    How to run pl/sql code in mysql

    hi, i am using WAMP Server,I am using mysql query browser for create,updating database, once i ve studied pl/sql programming in oracle,, is it possible to run such code in Mysql Database?
  7. thewisecrab

    Need to create a site like Jobstreet.com....need help

    As the title suggests, I need to create a site like Jobstreet.com for my friend. (I mean I have offered to help, dont know if I can do it without plenty of help) I dont have much programming knowledge other than CSS and HTML (and a bit of Java, not sure where that will help) Atleast can I have...
  8. H

    McAfee Or Kaspersky Or NOD???

    Hi Everyone, I have been using McAfee 2008 for a long time now. Recently I bought and installed Kasperesky Internet Security 2009. But I'm having problems with updating my virus database!! Currently i'm accessing the net through my cell phone. But to update the database it takes approx 4...
  9. F

    Help !! Need Databases with Countries, counties and Cities

    Hi, I am in midst of a php project and this is my first attempt. I am looking for a database with all countries,cities and also counties(US only) for using in dropdown list . Please somebody help me with finding this. I searched for it and couldnt find a good database except for countries...
  10. N

    which version do vista supports?

    i want to know which version of oracle database windows vista supports. I m an engineering student and have to install database practice. Earlier i was using oracle 9i on windows XP.
  11. P

    VB 6 Help Needed

    I am using VB6 with Access for a data entry project. i have an idea to use MSflexgrid to display the data whenever i save it in the database. i mean i have a form with four fields and adding and updating the new datas to the database. i need to display the data automatically in the flexgrid...
  12. P

    VB 6 Help Needed.....

    I am new to VB6. i have created a form and also a database with five fields. i have also connected the db to the form by placing data control tool in the form. i have a button named save and the coding for the button in click event is data1.recordset.update. when i enter the input in runtime...
  13. bukaida

    Sms gateway through php

    I want the sms functionality in my website.Not a traditional one but in a bit different way-- The SMS gateway should be able to identify the sender number, message and sending time. These information should be stored in a mysql database so that they can be used by other php programs. I am...
  14. H

    Mail in Java

    Hi, I have a requirement in my project, I need to run a check every day on a database and send a report of that database to a certain group of people. Now my problem is how to send an email using the JSP and servlet. I just need to send a plain text mail and i have the list of ppl and the...
  15. D

    linux n mysql

    friends.. i m a novice user of linux, as i have just started learning it during my summer internship. i m developing a project in linux which includes connectivity to mysql. i am having data in .txt files and want to insert it into MySql database table. please help me out how can i do this...
  16. dreams

    Building a Server - Windows or LINUX ???

    Hello Guys.. Finally settled in Delhi, got a Vodafone connection(But not yet activated). Here goes my query. I need to set up a IT Infrastructure in my office. Like a database or Server. Also I need to setup a Virtual connection of some sorts, where my office people in other...
  17. sude

    Required a Software to create a database without using SQL etc.. PLZ HELP.

    dear forum users, i am searching for a software which actually manages to create the database/s which do not use SQL etc.... actually one of my friend's father will be using such a database for maintaining his job details.. his father's job is to maintain his client's databse.. his father...
  18. Sridhar_Rao

    database programming

    Hi Guys, Say, I need to develop a distributable application that uses forms and database and SQLs. The distributable file should be standalone, i.e without installing any additional library files. Which is the best way it can be done, I mean, using which software language? Something, which is...
  19. P

    which book is good for database??

    hi guys .......... i want to know that which book is best for database...... and which field as well.......DBA(database administrator).... or database developer..... tell me ..... i m confused....
  20. P

    what i have to do????

    hi guys......... i m doing b.tech(i.t.) moving in final year...... a bit of confusion of here.i had actually done core java in july07... but don't know what to do right know.... i mean which course???? either database or advanced java or linux please help me.... which is having a better future...pls
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