1. G

    personel web server fro php.

    hiii .. can anyone tell me how can i use my php pages on my pc on the lan . i have just down loaded phpbb forum code from net and i want to use it in the lan . whick king of database i should use for that . can u give me some detailed info about php and that coz i m less familiar with the php ..
  2. B

    How to retrive data from mysql database dynamically

    Folks , I tried Dreamweaver MX 2004 to do it automatically, that coroupted my whole site.. So , can u plz write me one code for me , all i wanted is i have already stored data in the database , now what i want is to show that data in the web page dynamically, like say dynamic table ...
  3. R

    conectivity of oracle & d2k

    in win98se how we connect oracle8 personal edition with devloper 2000 so that while we login through d2k database of oracle started on stanalone machine
  4. G

    Free Tutorials

    Can any body give me information from where can i download Tutorials of Database Software...Any Help?????
  5. Gaurav

    Digit CD Search software

    How do i update the database of digit cd search software.
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