1. Faun

    [40K] Laptop for gaming and database applications

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) 40K 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen 3) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like? a. Like: Sony ,HP b. Dislike:ACER 4) What are the primary tasks will...
  2. S

    SQL Certification:Confused

    Exam 1z0-047:Oracle SQL Expert This exam makes a person SQL Certified Expert,but to pass this exam,Oracle has associated it with Oracle 10g and 11g both,can anyone clear me that one should learn Oracle 10g or 11g?Also,please suggest me books for Oracle Database 10g(the book should cover SQL...
  3. Faun

    Sending dynamically changed price value in URL

    I have to update the price for the product in database if I change the price of the product and then click on Change link. The URL for changing the price is something like this: localhost/muac/edit.php?sku=1234&storeprice=200 I can pick the SKU perfectly from database but picking up...
  4. RBX

    A database without using DBMS

    I want to store textual encoded data in a file whose internal structure is that of a database's . The scenario requires saving pages of a diary - one for each day (specific date). I do not want to use 3rd party softwares and want to get it done with programming language alone via file...
  5. buddyram


    I need the help in modifying the ajax code in retrieving the data items from the database to the text field(like the google). As of now, I have put a <span> tag below the textfield with an Id for placing the data retrieved from the database I have also attached the screenshot with an example!
  6. Akshay

    Online database

    I am looking to build an online database for my group which will have details of each member. Every member will have to fill in his own details. My requirements: 1.This will be an online thing where a member should be able to add/update/modify only his details. 2. Any member should be...
  7. A

    need database driven dynamic charts to be made

    HI i need to prepare some dynamic database connected graph. Now thing is i just started learning php and not still comfortable using advance programming logic. Can someone help me with some chart tools which i can connect to my database data and create charts. Thanks
  8. F

    Google App Engine Goes Old School With SQL Database

    Its a limited preview :wink: Source : Google App Engine Goes Old School With SQL Database | Wired Enterprise |
  9. Q

    How to create a database & server in SQL server

    Please help Me to create a SQL server & database. Thanks Qasim.
  10. T

    What Database Management System can work for multiple iterations?

    So, here is what I want. I want to make a database of two-sided snippets. With snippet I mean short phrases or sentences that talk about something. For example, the front side of the snippet has to be something that triggers a few thoughts. The backside of the snippet can be anything that...
  11. speedyguy

    Help: Store video/image files in database

    not comfortable with blob datatype and its use... im doing a dynamic web project in j2ee so need to store and access images and videos from database to my web page (html/jsp). can anyone help me out with that. ps : im using sql querries for database (DB2) Enjoy~!
  12. B

    Please suggest an automation software

    please recommend me a software which will best suit my needs. what i require is that this website West Bengal Joint Entrance Examinations Result has a database of results of a particular examination. there is an edit box where you can put in your roll number. if u do that it will display...
  13. S

    joomla problems/innovative ideas required

    hai friends, I want suggestions regarding Joomla CMS platform. what i need is to make data base of my office employes, having all the details of my employee with photo, and this database is to be published in my joomla website. thanks in advance.
  14. iamharish15

    JDBC connectivity with MS Access DB

    I am working on a project in which I need to store the information about the users into a Database and based on the querry I need to take the results from the databse and display the results retreived from database in a frame. But I could not put the retrieved information from the database into...

    need help with mysql

    i hav been tryin to place a password for my mysql database,bt i awlways gets this error ERROR 1064 (42000): You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'use mysql the code is: mysql> use mysql...
  16. dashang

    Need help

    I am in third year of degree in it and i wanted to know that what should i do after degree mba or mtech? And also will it be usefull? And if i want to do microsoft certification program , which program is good? I am confused about going in database , web site developer and software...
  17. V

    Need help in selecting a server for around 20 desktop clients

    We use internet sharing, printer sharing, client-server custom application with ms-sql database, mail, etc. Intend to use MS server 2008. Please suggest the config for the server and probable estimated cost.
  18. S

    Assemble a new Desktop

    Hi Guys, I basically want to build a new desktop for my office with the following configuration: Budget 25k Intel Core i3 (suggest the proc model 530?) Suggest a good motherboard (is the Intel DH55TC good?) 2 GB DDR3 Kingston Ram 500 GB x 2 HDD - WD or Seagate? DVD Writer Iball Baby 306...
  19. J

    Wanted JavaME(J2ME) experts

    Hi my friend is running an upcoming mobile application startup. he wants to outsource some of his work to freelancers. The freelancer should be experienced in Javame(J2me) application development. He prefers people with hands on experience in Netbeans LWUIT Javadb database. If anyone...
  20. Raaabo

    ThinkDigit Forum - bugs, suggestions etc.

    Hi With bug complaints being spread across many threads, it's hard to find them all. I request all members to post errors and bugs here, and if you see another member posting about bugs or errors anywhere else, please point them here. Also, instead of posting "I got a Database error!"...
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