1. Nerevarine

    Need to convert Microsoft SQL Server Database to MySQL database

    Is there any way I can convert a MS SQL Database running on SQL Server 2008 to a MySQL Database directly. I have the mdf and ldf snaps of the MS SQL database but it is not importable in the MySQL PhpMyAdmin Panel.. Is there anyway to convert this into MySQL Scripts in .sql format
  2. P

    Access database repair software?

    Hello guys, I'm new here and 'm writing because i have a corrupted access database in MS Access 2007. The database is very important to me because it contains some clients data of my small business. The problem is i dont know how to repair it and i don't want to make some experiments with it. I...
  3. swatkats

    If Your Mobile Phone Was Stolen & You Hate the Phone Thief, You Should Do This

    If your phone was stolen, there isn’t much you can do about it in India. The story is usually that you go to the cops, lodge a complaint and they ask you for the bills and unique numbers for the mobile phone. Everybody forgets about it, except you. Ever wonder if you could do something about...
  4. abhigeek

    How to make database software?

    I'm developer. I know C,C++,Java. HTML, CSS, Javascript. I want to create a personalized database management for small business. Its not a customer database. It's like different customer preference of product. And then sending different their different preference to respective parts assemblers...
  5. beingGamer PDF to XML convertor

    Hi, as the title say I am finding any third party component that will convert PDF file into proper structured XML file. The thing I want to achieve is- There is a website that generates PDF file and I want to extract the contents of the PDF and use them to store into database. I think...
  6. T

    php database connectivty

    Hey, I am a newbie to php programming i need help with database connectivity, i need to use a single file which will contain database connection in all other pages. Is there any example ? What i am trying to do is <?php $sql_host = 'localhost'; $sql_user = 'root'; $sql_pass = ''...
  7. kunalht

    TDF Playdates V2.0

    This is a new playdates thread..... OK so guys following have been decided on the Playdate Chatroom with public poll UPDATE /watch?v=SQxVA_rkn6U Also please avoid discussion of any further details about this particular Playdate because it is decided and it won't change under any...
  8. E

    Please Suggest Which Books to Choose for CSE 4th Sem Diploma

    I am in 4th sem of CSE diploma and confused in the plethora of book suggested in the syllabus.So I want your expert suggestions.:-? Below are the books suggested in the syllabus so help me to choose 1 from each subject to study because being a govt. college,no teacher have came in first 2...
  9. sksksksk

    Premium WebTemplates Query

    Well.. I am thinking of building websites at domestic level... using paid templates available on net. Will the paid templates provide database along with the layout?? o.O or I need to design the database according to the attributes??
  10. ratul

    Truecaller Database hacked..

    Source: Syrian Electronic Army Hacks Global Phone Directory Truecaller
  11. S

    Data base preference for network based C# windows application

    I'm planning to develop a C# widows based application for an academy. The academy will have different instances of application running in different machines. The database should have shared access. All the application instances can do update, delete or insert. I've not done any network...
  12. R

    Need help planning out my business network.

    Hi, I'm planning on setting up a small server system at home for holding our business data. Ours is a small service-oriented company, and we will have several field personnel out in the field in the near future, and they will need to connect to our server via their laptops in order to view...
  13. anon232

    REST + Oracle

    I'm developing a project to allow various android devices to share data via a database. So I'm making the server side component with REST by following this tutorial Now i want to know how do i integrate a oracle database...
  14. E

    VB.NET and databases

    I have made an app in that needs to access an online database. I have never worked with online databases before so i have no idea how to do it. Some basic thinks that i want to know: * What kind of server will i need to host the database. Will free ftp servers like xhosting work? i...
  15. Faun

    laptop or ultrabook under 1500GBP

    Looking for the best combination of performance and backup time. Will be running oracle database and other development applications. Should be able to run windows and linux.
  16. Shah

    Need suggestion for a Hosting Provider...

    I am intending to buy a hosting package. I need your valuable suggestion. Below are my requirements. Unlimited Bandwidth and Disk Space Should cost less than $10/m. A free domain name (preferably .com extension) One-click auto installer for Wordpress, Joomla 2.5, phpBB, etc. Unlimited...
  17. S

    Bus Ticket Booking Application. Now a offline app that will be made online later on..

    Consider there's just one center for booking bus tickets. There are several Routes, and also at the same time there are multiple operators along a particular route. project distributed in various phases. set 1: considering the application is ofline, just on one pc. vendors call up and ask...
  18. RBX Roles based Authorization

    I would like to user Roles based authorization in and jump directly to it without the hassle of setting up 'Membership' and all that precedes. Most books I have looked up don't show flexibility in Roles API - use database setup using aspnet_regsql and go through all the Membership...
  19. C

    record is not added please rectify code

    <html>(index.php) <head> <meta name="description" content="Php Code for View, Search, Edit and Delete Record" /> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" /> <title>Search Student Record</title> </head> <body> <center><h1><u>Student...
  20. S

    Error in connecting Database Connections in SQL Developer

    Whenever i run SQL Developer.exe(downloaded from oracle)found in sql developer zip,either it be testing connection or creating new database connection,o get the following error: Status : Failure -Test failed: IO Error: The Network Adapter could not establish the connection
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