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What Database Management System can work for multiple iterations?


Broken In
So, here is what I want. I want to make a database of two-sided snippets. With snippet I mean short phrases or sentences that talk about something. For example, the front side of the snippet has to be something that triggers a few thoughts. The backside of the snippet can be anything that expands on that. This side will take up a little bit of creativity. For all practical purposes one can think of this project as making up a huge set of flashcards that people use for GRE and learning foreign languages.

All right, but the thing is that I suspect there'll be quite a lot of quality management required. For instance, I have thought of the whole project to be heavily dependent on iteration.

Well, to expand on it, think of how Wikipedia manages its articles. Most of the articles start off as stubs. If the quality of the article strays off, then that particular article is tagged with how someone can improve that. This does three jobs at once. First is, to identify problem second is to appeal to people who want to volunteer and third is to categorize the particular article along with others that have similar problems with them. Now, suppose these articles are copyediting articles. Then the third part which facilitates categorization can be very useful your workflow. For example, the articles that form a part of this category can be divided amongst a few volunteers and the workflow maintained.

To sum it up, I'm looking for a database management system that allows me such inputs and give me enough control so that I can tag the snippets with what is missing in them or what should be done next. After tagging, I should be able to group such posts and assign jobs or design workflows that can be used to deal with entries that have the same kind of problem with them in bulk.

  • Are there any database management systems that can do so? Of course, please remember that I would want this database to be later on accessible by an Internet website, forming the core content. I don't fancy any visitors making additions to the database, they would just be able to retrieve information from it. The whole dynamic functionality is only for contributors to the project.
  • Also, there's the question of how can I put in so many people on just one database? Is such integration over network possible? If not, do I have to enable publishing into the database through a website?

I read up a little on MS Access. It seems to be very powerful for what I want to accomplish.

However, this one quote "a DBMS in which data is stored in tables and the relationships among the data are also stored in tables. The data can be accessed or reassembled in many different ways without having to change the table forms." from Relational database management system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia makes me think that this might be all i Need. I just need to keep tagging stuff and then create another table with the criteria for the tags.

So, viewing database entries with tags/values for certain attributes is possible. Is it also possible to edit the database from there?

Using the databse over a network is possible. I'll give it a try.
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