How to make database software?

I'm developer.
I know C,C++,Java. HTML, CSS, Javascript.
I want to create a personalized database management for small business.
Its not a customer database. It's like different customer preference of product. And then sending different their different preference to respective parts assemblers of same product.

I know to operate MySQL using command line.
I have created websites using There is something like this for database, Like an easy predefined setup as like wordpress for websites.
If no, then give me a head-up of where to start.
I should make web-based or offline computer based?

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I'm still not clear what actually you want to create.

1. Do you want to create a DB, where you'll store something manually and retrieve manually?
2. Or do you want a Software / Web Portal to do achieve the same thing?

And yes, wordpress stores everything in MySQL (like posts, comments, tags etc. etc.)


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You want to make an application with a connectivity to a back-end database??
or you want to make something to monitor Big Data?? Hadoop might be helpful then..
I was about to contact to you personally before creating this thread. But I didn't contact you because of your busy schedule.
So thanks for replying to this thread.
I'm gonna PM you with the details.


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[MENTION=294461]abhigeek[/MENTION] It's not like that bro. I come online everyday before going to office and after returning form office if I'm not returning after 11-12PM

You can PM me anytime also can post it here. If I'm not able to help others surely will.


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Java uses something called JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) to connect to databases. There's a JDBC API, which is the programming part, and a JDBC Driver Manager, which your programs use to connect to the database.

JDBC allows you to connect to a wide-range of databases (Oracle, MySQL, etc), but we're going to use the in-built database you get with the Java/NetBeans software. The database is called Java DB, a version of Apache Derby. It runs on a virtual server, which you can stop and start from within NetBeans.

To check that have everything you need, have a look at the Services tab in NetBeans. If you can't see the Services tab, click Window from the NetBeans menu. From the Window menu, select Services. You should see something like this:

The Services tab in NetBeans

Expand the Databases item to see a Java DB item, a Drivers section, and a sample jdbc:derby sample item:

The Java DB services

The idea is that you start the Java DB virtual server, and then create and manipulate databases on the server.

For the project in this section, we're going to set up a new database. You'll then learn how to connect to this database using Java code. The database we'll create will be a simple one-table affair, rather than multiple tables connected together. You can indeed create multiple tables with Java DB, but we don't want to complicate things unnecessarily.

Starting the Virtual Server

The first thing to do is to start the server. So right click on Java DB. You'll see a menu appear. Select Start Server:

Starting the Java DB Server

Have a look at the Output window and you'll see a few messages appear: (If you have a firewall running, you'll need to let the Java DB server through.)

Java output window after starting the server

Once the server is up and running you can create databases. You'll see how to do that in the next lesson.

i was thinking he was a really knowledgeable new joinee until i read the last line. :lol:

please cite the source when you do a copy paste. :)


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[MENTION=294461]abhigeek[/MENTION] It's not like that bro. I come online everyday before going to office and after returning form office if I'm not returning after 11-12PM

You can PM me anytime also can post it here. If I'm not able to help others surely will.

Yes don't keep it secret post it here only
also OP question is unclear

the thread title is confusing...

how to make a database software means like how to make a database app like SQL server or MySQL


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[MENTION=34930]Zangetsu[/MENTION], That's a long answer. Short answer will be learning Programming and a DB (MySQL / SQL Server / Anything Else).

Do you guys want me to post something step by step?

I can do that in weekends but one needs to have a knowledge of programming else everything will go up their heads :p
Woah!!, its kinda exciting seeing new replies on my old thread:hyper:

Simply I just want to make a gui connected with MySql. Where admin can feed customer data and preferences. And can easily send that information to respective sellers according to customer needs.

I'm thinking about combination of Node+MySQL.
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