Truecaller Database hacked..


Source: Syrian Electronic Army Hacks Global Phone Directory Truecaller

Softpedia said:
After taking a break to work on their website, hackers of the Syrian Electronic Army are back. Their latest victim is Truecaller, the world’s largest collaborative phone directory.

“Sorry @Truecaller, we needed your database, thank you for it,” the hackers wrote on Twitter.

The Syrian Electronic Army has told E Hacking News that they’ve managed to breach Truecaller’s systems by exploiting a vulnerability in the company’s outdated WordPress installation.

They claim to have stolen over 7 databases, including the main database which is 450GB in size.

According to the pro-Assad hackers, the database contains information that gives them access to over 1 million Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Gmail accounts.

They’ve also leaked online what appears to be the login credentials for the site’s databases.


So bad..
Sometimes, hackers do bad things to people...

yeah, but i think it was bound to happen, "Outdated wordpress installation", that in itself defines how easy would have the exploit had been, i know that nothing is 100% secure, but when you own the largest online phone directory, you are expected to atleast take basic security measures, one of which includes "Updates and Patches"..
Not only they now have access to a very huge phone directory, but to over 1 million fb, gmail, twitter, linkedin accounts, enough to execute a mass spam message chain... :(

but the website's working fine now.. :|

yup, it's up now, but the database is compromised.. :cry:


Living to Play
Finally seeing some action from hackers. Its been quite a while since I saw any news about hacking or something. :)


Lost in speed
Once youre out into internet, there's no escape.
Your number is lying somewhere in Truecaller database in "inactive" state :lol:


﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿ O'RLY?
I removes my number from the site few few moths ago :)

You dont have to put your number, your friend will. I searched using my 5 years old number, and found the name by which my friends call me. :-|

But when I searched using the number, which have truecaller installed, it did not gave any result :p
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