1. I

    Acer V5-571 vs ???

    Namaste! I am planning to buy Acer V5-571 from a local dealer. It has i3 3rd gen 2375m, 4 gb ddr3, 500 gb hdd, dvd rw, win8. For 35k I chkd other brands laptops also at dat shop but none of dem had dis 2375m processor. Most of dem had 3110m or 3217u. My query - is 2375m an outdated processor...
  2. I

    How to choose speakers?

    Namaste! I want to know dat how to choose speakers? What to look out for mainly while chking d specs?
  3. A

    AMD vs INTEL

    i want to buy a laptop under 35k.., but m confused dat which preocessor wud b gud for me. i want a laptop dat could b able to run complex IDEs for programming n games n mulimedia too. m confused between AMD A8 and Intel C-I5... plz help me... i can extend my budget 2k-3k... thanx...
  4. akii17kr

    plz help me towards btech cse m a avg. student !!

    Hello.. M rahul n m currently doing btech in cse.from gitm gurgaon which is affilated to mdu rohtak university... Actually, i asked dis question to tell dat i m in tension..as now i m in 2ñd year as da session will start on august..n i stuuggled completed my 1st year.. I got 4 backs in sem...
  5. R

    samsung phone crash.

    hi frnds. yesterday, while i was caling sum1 my phone(samsung-GT3500I) just crashed and restarted and after dat it didnt start.now its in the initializing stage after booting.please help!
  6. U

    ACPI multiprocessor drivers help

    I can't find acpi multiprocessor pc drivers on internet and i have accidentally cleaned up my system's backup.............help plz so dat i cud resolve my problem and get on to my work
  7. C

    c++ compiler for windows 7

    does any1 out thr knw any c++ compiler dat wrks wid windows 7 ... pls suggest...
  8. M

    new system to be taken urgently for 1.6 lakh!!

    Hav to order system dis week.. i have thought of as told earlier. option 1: Intel core i7 2600k & asus maximus iv extreme.. but as i heard there are problems with sandy should i still consider this? i will be only using only 3 or 4 sata ports max..so should i go ahead with this? when will the...
  9. pulkitpopli2004

    difference between differnt corsair PSU

    I was searching for PSU on corsair site.. and i found dat there are many type of series which they offer like HX, GS, TX, VX ,etc... what is the basic difffernce in all these?? the only thing m aware of dat GS is of gamer series and one of the series have modulator too... bt how n where does...
  10. R

    best slider under 10k

    i just want to kno wich is the best slider (alphanumeric or qwerty) phone under 10k available in india.... just coz i said 10k dont say phones dat cost more dan dat....ones wich cost lesser are better :P as for the features the more the better...
  11. Zangetsu

    S60 Era of Games

    Hi Guys, :razz: Played some awesome 3D games on S60 most of them were of ngage platform. such as 1.Prince of Persia 2008 2.Brothers in Arms 3.Hooked On:Creatures of the Deep 4.Tomb Raider Legend 5.Resident Evil 6.FIFA 08 & 09 And Currently I am playing '7 Days' its a nice horror game..with...
  12. garfield_56

    Camera::w300 or T90??

    M goin to buy a new camera (after sooo long!!)...And finally zeroed in on 2 cams:: Sony Cybershot DSC-T90 & DSC-W300... So which one wud be better?? Can anyone tell me the pros &cons of both?????? or if u can suggest any other cam, dat wud be gr8 too!!
  13. T

    performance lag while gaming

    hey guys i own a dell studio 1555 laptop wich i ought 2 months bak...it runs perfectly well bt nw da games need for speed undercover n virtyal tennis 2009 tend 2 stuck a little...dese games ran vry well when i first installed dem bt frm da past 5-6 days dey tend 2 stuck lik dey dont run dat...
  14. A

    anyone help plzz!!

    hii guys..am facng a big troble..am lost ma vista user password.!!...i tried lot of ways bt dat all r dsn't work...vista partitn contain lot of ma files incldng ma projct files so i could't formt dat...plzz help...i need ur help...
  15. J

    Is Seagate Really Going Down?? Hard to grasp!

    I was about to buy Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 SATA 3Gb/s (ST3320418AS) (320GB) HDD. But After reading (12 Pages Benchmarks Articles) @ (*techreport.com/articles.x/16472/6) (this site may be down some time). I am tend to think dat ALL Seagate Barracuda’s 7200.12 Families Hard disks r Slower...
  16. T

    is this the right time to buy a new laptop???

    i want to buy a new laptop and my budget is around 70000...i hve zeroed in on either the studio 15 or the xps 16 from dell...i want to know dat is this the right time to buy a new lappy or should i wait for some time as i hve heard dat some new processor from intel is coming n also wimax will...
  17. Shasanka_Gogoi

    Need help wth partly dwonloadd .AVI file

    dre ws a 4part avi file uploaded onto rapidshare which ws in a rar archieve,,, i manged 2 download d 1st part of that file bt dan i dnt hv d links nw nd d only prblem i have is dat d extrctd file dat i get is of 700 mb whereas it hs nly 15 mins of vid on it nd d rest is all blank... is dre a...
  18. Shasanka_Gogoi

    google talk & yahoo messenger signn out on its own

    I dunno wats goin wrong bt since iv shifted my wi fi connection to the new address, my googletalk nd yahoo messenger will sign me out automatically n dan sign me back in:rolleyes:,,,, its really irritating at times and i really wanna get it fixed with sum seriously needd healp 4m evry1 on dis...
  19. JohnephSi

    Help me

    Hy guys i cnct my airtel mo thru n5200 .thrug data cable.i received abt 4 kb/sec.in odr sites n if dwnlod a software 4rm nkia it bous up2 17 kb/sec. . Hw is it so. . Prevsly i usd 2 get dat 15 kb/sec. .bt nw hw i dnt knw, .plz solve. . Ds . .i use kaspersky internet security 2009 Smbdy help me
  20. garfield_56

    ideas required for c++ file!!!!

    in schoool, we are supposed to maintain a practical record of all the programs dat we make in c++ along with their algorithms & flowcharts..... Now, all that is done....but i hav to kind of "decorate "" it too!:(! So, please...if any of u has any graphics or cool ideas dat i can use to enhance...
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