1. arnabbiswasalsodeep

    Stay or not!!!

    Currently I am on shree broadband and they offer a terrible 30KBps speed but gives 1-3MBps speed downloads on torrent and has YouTube boost server to play 1080p videos It'll also allow DC++ for downloads My question is should I stay with it or not? Cuz i'll be downloading source code and...
  2. arnabbiswasalsodeep

    Chit Chat? With DC++

    I have shifted my home and need a new internet connection I have just moved 200m away from the original home and my old ISP won't extend internet cable just for me I live in Parel and my old ISP was preeti net aka d-net or Denis net(old name) In my area, Chit Chat is very famous and the deals...
  3. mikael_schiffer

    Optimus G for Rs20,942 on 4 pieces got sold already... The seller has 100% positive feedback, and has 1 yr ServePro Warranty. Is it worth the risk,you know,not having manufacturer's warranty. Im in full tenshun, im in a hurry cuz it may get sold out soon...but im...
  4. GamerSlayer

    Need a computer fan

    I am looking for a Computer fan (cabinet) cuz all the games work maxed out but my CPU heats up fast. I need it at about 6$ and my specs are- VGA - ZOTAC nVidia GFORCE GTX 560 Ti Processor - AMD FX 6100 6-Cores Ram - Corsair Vengeance 4GBx2 DDR3 1600FSB Motherboard - Gigabyte 990XA-UD3 HDD -...
  5. S

    Gaming Laptop.PLZ HELP!!!!

    HII I want to buy a good gaming laptop.. Requirements: Core i5 3rd gen Nvidia geforce gt 640/650m(only nvidia.amd is not an option) Budget-upto 65k Screen size may vary.Is 17" too big a lappy?? Most of all after sale service should be atleast tolerable cuz i knw all have worst a.s.s...
  6. TeckKy

    [SUGGEST] Motherboard for Core 2 Duo E4600 2.4GHZ - under 3000 Rs.

    Please Suggest the best mobo available for this PC under 3.5k strictly MY PC PROFILE: Intel Core 2 Duo E4600 @ 2.4 GHz PSU Odessy 450 W SATA Seagate HDD 250GB RAM DDR3 4GB single stick No Graphic Card I don't know much about which brand or product is good as my previous mobo -...
  7. T

    will x2 555@3.8ghz(only 2 cores:( ) bottleneck my new sapphire hd6950 dirt3 edition at 1920x1200

    hey guyz, I've bought a hd6950 2gb with bios switch at 11k my system spec are: amd x2 555@3.8ghz stock fan (no luck unlocking ) msi 785gm p45 seasonic eco600 600w psu iball i8181 case lg display 22"@1920x1200p and etc. so my question is will my CPU bottleneck my card,,,,I've not tried...
  8. A

    Motherboard has usb 3 but cabinet does not

    Hi everyone cud not decide whether it comes under mobo or case section so... My question is if the mobo has usb 3 ports but the cabinet does not will I hv usb 3 or not? Can the back panel be used for this alone? Had to ask cuz never owned a desktop till now and assembling one in a few days time.
  9. sygeek

    Want to buy a qwerty phone..need help !!

    I'm using GS2 and I find typing in a touch phone sluggish. So I want a side phone that has good qwerty and large battery backup and WiFi enabled, cuz I facebook and SMS a lot. My budget is in and around 5000rs. Please help
  10. TheLetterD

    A good looking Business phone for 15-17K

    Hello My dads a businessman and hes currently using an old BB 9300, with its rubber lining all worn off and basically its extremely ugly. Dad wants a new phone which LOOKS good as a status symbol to replace the BB cuz in his business A high STATUS is a very important thing. For emails and...
  11. B

    24" LED monitor upto 15K max

    Really confused about the monitor. Need a 24" LED full HD monitor for pure gaming. Only brands available here locally are : Benq, Samsung and dell. (benq v2410 is not available) Not thinking about dell cuz of ips display which is not good for gaming as i heard cuz of greater response...
  12. TheLetterD

    Developing for a 13 Year Old.

    Hello My younger brother is 13 years old. We bought him a PSP years ago, all he keeps on Doing is looking up Youtube Vid.s , customizing the software adding mods and stuff, for eg. he got a Mod to use PSP as a PC Remote. Nowadays he keeps looking for GTA San Andreas Mods cuz thats the only...
  13. TheLetterD

    Any news on Galaxy S Advance's Indian release?

    2 Questions. 1.Can anyone who remembers after how long UK only Phones (NOT available in the USA) released in India by samsung predict the launch date of the Galaxy S Advance? Its already available for pre-booking in the UK: Buy Samsung Galaxy S Advance I9070 & Official Accessories 2...
  14. TheLetterD

    Xperia X10 Mini not working!

    My friend gave me his Xperia X10 Mini cuz he said he was gonna throw it anyways(Rich people). He said he dropped it and got it fixed from Sony Ericsson although for some reason he couldn't explain what was the problem with the phone! Now I know its still in its warranty period cuz I remember he...
  15. TheLetterD

    Tech Journalism

    Hey So Im in +1 right now, in Non med (PCM) And I want to know 1. What degrees do I need to get in tech. journalism 2. What courses should I join 3. A Job plan 10 years down the lane (incl. expected salary, designation etc.) IF THATS NOT TOO MUCH TO ASK PLEASE help me! And I would...
  16. TheLetterD

    Need a suggestion for entry level graphic card!

    Hey guys! Ive been out of touch with digit for 1 whole year cuz now Im in 10th *sigh* I have no idea what new grapfic cards were launched after the 200 series from NVidea or ATI So .. THE Q>; I need an entry level graphic card using which I can play old games such as Call Of Duty 4...
  17. D

    Looking for wireless home theatre or surround speakers

    Hey I am looking for a wireless home theatre system within 10,000 RS. if a wireless home theatre is not possible within my budget then even wireless surround speakers would do(but it shouldn't be too expensive cuz i'll probably get a dvd player with it which will cost about 3,000) Please tell...
  18. pickster

    MSi Notebooks Service

    I hope this is the right section. I was thinking of buying a MSi notebook. Either GT627 and GT725. They offer pretty sweet specs for their price [atleast in US]. So, i was wondering, how is the MSi after sales service and support in India of laptops? Does anyone here have any experience...
  19. H

    Fs : N95 8gb

    selling my frnd's N95 8GB for him.bough in may or June its still in warranty.fone is as gud as new cuz he didnt use the fone much.had probs adapting to he's selling it off.fone is in mint condition and comes with original bill,box & all original accessories. asking price is 14k...
  20. comp@ddict

    ANY Podarite, Apeejay(KOL) or Bloomian(DELHI)

    Bloomians THREAD ANyone from these schools here. Mabe I noe u, cuz I studied in them, and currently in the last name.
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