Currently I am on shree broadband and they offer a terrible 30KBps speed but gives 1-3MBps speed downloads on torrent and has YouTube boost server to play 1080p videos
It'll also allow DC++ for downloads

My question is should I stay with it or not?

Cuz i'll be downloading source code and android related stuff and direct downloads won't help as you can see


Back to school!!
Source codes are usually small, so I'd say unless you get something better, stay with it, because this is the first time I'm hearing about youtube boost service, so its a good connection.


The source code from companies are near 300MB or more and we have to merge it with AOSP which is near 7GB + cyanogenmod and custom rom source codes ~30GB
Then ig i make a custom rom then the pain of uploading the whole source will be deadly

If u know any hub for DC++ that has users share source codes then it'll be a boon!
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