1. G

    I'm getting i5 7600 and a SSD from US..

    Apologies. It's not really a hardware related question, more of a shipping related one. My friend works for Intel US and he's bought i5 7600 and a 480 GB Intel SSD for me. I have couple of questions.. Would I have to pay customs duty if he ships those to India? What if he opens the...
  2. D

    [Query] How to ship a graphics card to the US for RMA

    Hi, I have a faulty Sapphire Radeon R9 Fury, which has been accepted for RMA. This product was gifted to me by relatives in the US, and so I plan to ship it back to them and have them ship it to Sapphire for the RMA. I am in possession of the the original invoice (in my relative's name) as...
  3. Vyom

    An action cam like GoPro but at just $79 .. came to know from Indiegogo campaign

    So I came across this Indiegogo campaign.... eCam: The Best 4K Camera ever | Indiegog The campaigner seems to be an Indian - Sairam Maduri from Lewes, United States. The featured product is a $79 action cam that boasts of all features that high end GoPro cams give but at a fraction of...
  4. M

    Purchasing from experiences

    Hi, just wanted to know, has any one ordered from and got their package cleared without customs hassles ? Planning to purchase some hardware from there. I know that Import fee will be charged for the items, but still do i need to worry about customs ? I had a bad experience getting...
  5. Mizanurification

    Kz ate

    [Review] KZ ATE I ordered KZ ATE from AliExpress after reading all the reviews. I wanted to get ED9 but it wasn't available at hifinage. This is my first import. Anyone ordered from AliExpress? It was shipped on the same day and I got the tracking details. Will I have to pay any customs...
  6. D

    opinion on customs phones

    is it a safe bet to buy customs phones? are this phones reliable and not some sort of replica?
  7. I

    [US] iPhone 5s 16gb LOCKED

    I'm planning to buy used iPhone 5s 16gb from Budget:- 27k (Inc. shipping and custom cost) I need help in shipping and customs. How much it would cost and which site should i use for shipping (hopshopgo/sns/ishopinternational)?
  8. Nanducob

    Tips to lessen customs duty

    Hi..How can we avoid/lessen customs duty;)?Im buying a mobile from HongKong.thanks:)
  9. M

    New Customs or Taxes

    Hi there fellow members, I heard India changed rules and now they will charge customs on all TVS doesnt matter if it comes as checked in backage or freight. I am getting a good deal on sharp 60 inch led TV for 900 CAD. 300 are shipping charges. I was wondering how much could the customs...
  10. C

    Need urgent advice on buying from us

    My uncle is going to usa a day after tomorrow ,i am thinking of asking him to bring me ipad4 3g 16gb and nexus 4 . will he have to pay customs? if yes what percent? is there any way to avoid it ? how much worth of electronics can they bring back ? any help will be appreciated.
  11. cacklebolt

    16 gb Nexus 4 from Taiwan(URGENT)

    My uncle is going to Taiwan and asked me whether i wanted anything. I am tempted by the Nexus 4 16 gb. Should i tell him to get one for me??? Also if he brings it here will he have to pay customs?? can he avoid customs by buying it there, opening the box and then bringing the phone in his...
  12. amjath

    Buying Advice - Raspberry Pi

    Hi, I would like to buy Raspberry Pi Model B, from where can I buy it. I have seen it in RS computers and etc, but my concern is kit cost, shipping and customs and other charges. So please help me where can I buy the kit @ low cost [kit cost + shipping + customs and other].
  13. A

    System76 laptops

    i wast hinking of buying system76 laptop with ubuntu preinstalled,only problem i dont know anything about customs charges once i get it, any help would be appreciated.
  14. raksrules

    Buying Laptop from US and sending through a US citizen to India...Any custom issues ?

    I want to buy a laptop from US and get it delivered to my cousin's address. He is going to India in a month or so. I wish to send the laptop through him but he is bit reluctant about customs and all. I know that one laptop is free but here in this scenario, my cousin does not have Indian...
  15. Aj12

    [Query] Help With amazon Shipment

    Is there someone who has purchased Cases ,Cooling Kits etc or other such components from My doubt is have you been charged extra on arrival of your shipment by customs or is the final amount that you paid before confirming the order on their website the only transaction that you have...
  16. tkin

    How to buy from Ebay USA.

    Hi guys, I'm drooling over THIS for quite some time, need to know if its safe to buy from here, and any customs documents that are needed or not, also do I need that f'n form 50?
  17. E

    Suggest Price for a second hand macmini

    2 year old macmini,running on snow leopard,2 GHz processor 2 GB RAM,120GB HDD,4 USB ports and 1 firmware 400.How much can I pay for it? Also,if someone knows what are the courier charges to get it from US to India and is it necessary to pay customs duty for macmini,if I get it from US. Please...
  18. sibot

    Recieving Cellphone from USA

    Hey, My brother wants to send me an USED cellphone from US. We will be using USPS for the same. I wanted to ask a few questions:- 1. Is it allowed to receive cellphones from foreign countries via Air? 2. Are there any chances of it getting caught in the customs? 3. Should we declare the...
  19. montsa007

    How to Shop On (A detailed tutorial to be safe)

    Sup guys, All of us techies shop online. I am writing a detailed tutorial on how to be safe & get what you want for cheap prices. Before i start, i am not posting anything theroitical but practical as i also shop online, so lets get started. - Where to shop for? I personally prefer ebay...
  20. S

    Ordered Nokia 5800 From Ebay..Custom Department Delhi not releasing it...Pls help...

    I oredered a Nokia 5800 From Now when i track the item it shows me this: Class: Express Mail International® Status: Into Foreign Customs Your item is being processed by customs in INDIA. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again...
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