I'm getting i5 7600 and a SSD from US..


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Apologies. It's not really a hardware related question, more of a shipping related one.

My friend works for Intel US and he's bought i5 7600 and a 480 GB Intel SSD for me. I have couple of questions..
  • Would I have to pay customs duty if he ships those to India?
  • What if he opens the package and ships the non-sealed boxes, would I still have to pay customs duty?

I believe shipping to india costs about $50. If I have to pay additional customs duty, I would rather ask him to ship the items to my sister's place in US and she would get it to me by mid of March.


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I guess you have to pay customs whatever route you go.
I have heard people bringing used DSLR (personal use) pay customs.
So whether it's sealed or not, courier or your sister bringing in person you have to pay, I guess.
If customs people randomly pick passenger and check if they are bringing any goods from abroad, you may have a possibility of not needing to pay customs.


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I am not sure but I've heard that items marked as "gift" can bypass customs, but you might also have to tag the item as a non-electrical or non-electronic one too, I guess.

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You dont have to pay customs for a desktop CPU and SSD. When I landed in Chennai, only the people who carried huge electronic items like TV bigger than 36" were asked to go with Customs person. But to be on the safe side please remove the item from its box.
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