1. A

    Uncontrolled jumping of Intex wired usb mouse cursor

    How can i stop this continous up down jumping of my mouse cursor in my windows8 laptop.its wired witha usb port.This doesnt happen without the mouse ie when the mouse is removed.
  2. A

    cursor stuck

    my cursor is stuck on one side and does not move wth the mouse, though i can use the mouse button functions. before the window starting screen appears the cursor actually moves from the centre to the side and remains stuck there. i went into setup but did not find anything relating to mouse and...
  3. happy17292

    Lenovo G50-45 problems : Screen flickering , unresponsive touchpad , formatted genuine windows

    Hi guys, i had purchased a lenovo G50-45 laptop (AMD A6 6310, 2GB RAM, 500GB HDD) from local shop and added 2gb zion ram at the shop itself, making total RAM = 4GB. I am facing 3 issues with this laptop: 1. Screen flicker: Although not always, but sometimes when there is a small gif playing...
  4. ghantaukay

    Mouse cursor disappears and cannot type

    Lately, while using Word or Excel I notice the page refreshing (a slight blip) and the cursor disappears and then the keyboard stops responding and I have to click the mouse for the program to continue and then it happens again and again. This happens even in Notepad. I think it must be a driver...
  5. reddick

    Unable to access Chrome Webstore

    Hi Friends! I'm using Google Chrome ,mainly, for browsing. Though I've no problem in visiting any site or while downloading, but I'm not able to open/visit the website of * . Whenever I click the link, the screen turns white and just the mouse...
  6. S

    Touchpad & Keyboard Arrow Keys Going Haywire

    Hi all, I am facing this problem on a Lenovo G570 with Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit), i3 2310M, 3 GB RAM. The touchpad is running haywire every once in a while and then the cursor is hanging. Pressing the Windows button on the keyboard is again restoring the touchpad. The problem with the arrow...
  7. Sainatarajan

    Pc not booting even after installing Windows 7 .

    Friends , Yesterday I Assembled my pc . Today I installed windows 7 and installed all the drivers and played 1 game for 1 hour . I turned off my pc and went out to play. When I came back and turned on the system , it shows a blinking cursor in a Black Screen . Now what should I do , please...
  8. nisargshah95

    WMP not working

    Hi, I have Windows XP SP3 and used WMP11 earlier. But now it just doesn't start up. Whenever I click on it's icon, after some loading the mouse cursor goes back to normal. I tried uninstalling and then reinstalling but it doesn't help. Can anyone help me out?
  9. J

    Dancing Animation Stars Cursor

    One of the many cursor codes in our JavaScript library, this one creates dancing stars animating around your pointers mouse. This cur... detail at - 2.000+ free JavaScript codes Demo: JavaScript Dancing Animation Stars Cursor How to setup Step 1: Use JavaScript...
  10. R

    mouse problem(a new one)

    hi!! i m a newbee to linux......i tried a few netbook oss like ubuntu netbook remix,jolicloud......which were present in the feb 2010 dvd. i am facing a problem that the mouse cursor is moving perfectly ,but the visible cursor is on some place while the clicking action is performed somewhere...
  11. G

    [Linux] Take Screenshot with Mouse Cursor

    Guys, how to take screenshot with mouse cursor in linux, i have tried GNOME Screenshot, KSnapShot and GIMP but no luck. In windows, i used IrfanView but i having difficulty finding program to take screenshot with mouse cursor. Any Application suggestions. Thanks in Advance...
  12. A

    Using Turbo C++ - How to disappear cursor inside the console when program is running?

    Using Turbo C++ - How to disappear cursor inside the console when program is running?
  13. sharma_atul85

    cursor flicker

    hello friends cursor of my mouse often flickers while surfing.can u suggest me a solution.
  14. S

    Help Me To Install Vista Please

    My Configration- 1 Gb Ram 80 Gb Harddisk(not Sata) Dual Core 1.4 Asus P5vd2-vm Se Board My Problem- When I Boot From Vista Ultimate Dvd...(i Tried All My Atleast 7 Dvd's Of Vista But Same Problem Occured) When I Boot From Vista Ultimate It Shows Press Any Key..i Enter A Key ...after It...
  15. M

    c++ help needed

    I wanted know if there's a way in c++ to know what character exists at a particular x,y coordinate. for eg: suppose i used gotoxy(2,5) and my cursor is now at (2,5) and i want to know what character exists next to my cursor at (3,5). How can i know that?
  16. R

    Javascript text under mouse

    Is there anyway in javascript I can get the text under the mouse cursor, or atleast the element under the cursor? I've done all the googling I could to no avail.
  17. G

    How to Fool a Keylogger

    How to Fool a Keylogger with common sense These days Agents spy on u everywhere, in college, at work, maybe a trojan virus on your home PC which keylogs your paswords and mails it to someone else. If u think u r being logged, try this: Whenever u have to type a password, never type the...
  18. gauravsuneja

    problem with mouse (plz help)

    i have a problem with my ps2 mouse sometimes it get detected during boot then it works in windows xp for sometime may be 10-12 minutes and then cursor stops moving .the same thing happens with usb mouse too .sometimes when it is not detected during boot the cursor doesn't even move from the...
  19. smile

    Help Urgently

    HI.....Everyone:) When i click Start- Help and support.....its not opening....just a busy cursor and thats it.....what is the problem????:confused:
  20. skippednote

    Wierd Problem

    Whenever i turn off or restart my pc the computer doesn't turn off completely but instead it show a black with a cursor on it and remains as it is untill i manually turn it off . Please help! thanx in advance...
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