Uncontrolled jumping of Intex wired usb mouse cursor


How can i stop this continous up down jumping of my mouse cursor in my windows8 laptop.its wired witha usb port.This doesnt happen without the mouse ie when the mouse is removed.


Cyborg Agent
Try the following
1. Virus scan
2. Enable/Disable 'Enhance Pointer Precision' in mouse properties
3. Try the mouse on another PC/Laptop and check how it behaves
4. Temporarily Disable Touchpad and use only USB Mouse and check
5. Boot in Safe Mode, (both Touchpad + USB Mouse active) does the issue persist?

How severe is the jump? Are you able to click buttons / check boxes, or that's also too difficult?


Legend Never Ends
I'm pretty sure something is wrong with the mouse or the itself. Had this happen in the past. Time to get a new mouse.
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