1. K

    GTA 5 cars

    Hi! Can you help me with mods installation? I downloaded some of this from World of Mods and now the game is crashed every time I try to launch it. Why it may happends and how to fix that?
  2. sujeet2555

    pixelation in the game and video corruption

    i have MSI gtx560 graphic card installed.while running game i got some green pixelation and then the game crashed .after that any game won't start and always crashed CTD or BSOD .after that i opened the nvidia control panel with the 3d preview box and it bsod .now the system won't start and bsod...
  3. amjath

    Windows 8 crashed twice - help

    Windows 8 crashed twice today, one @ 21.04 and other @ 23.28. Please help me with my dump files. [attached] I ran "chkdsk" found no issues Dump 1: @ 21.04 *!e0xUmSyA!U-7ia07izHryuvcFHj4N9gcvLq87HH7eqx_7LjR_czA Dump 2:@ 23.28...
  4. nseries73

    HDD Problem

    I am currently using a SEAGATE BARRACUDA 500GB 7200.12 HDD, but for few days whenever I am starting my PC a black screen shows up showing below"PRIMARY HDD: STATUS BAD, BACKUP AND REPLACE" Does this mean my HDD is screwed or is there any way of getting this right. No question of warranty as it...
  5. B

    Blue screen with error msg..pls help

    Hi! yesterday when i was running a video in my pc, it crashed suddenly and a blue screen wid some error msg appeared..i restarted and ran agian,it ran ok.. today while playing fifa12,it crashed again and the above screen appeared.....i restarted again ,and it ran..i fixed all the hardwares...
  6. V

    "No show" of HDD in BIOS

    Hi, At my workplace HDD of one of machine have crashed. It has project related important data. It is not getting detected in Disk Management, Diskpart -> List Disk. In BIOS, i can see entry of SATA port#. But it just says 0.0MB; not even model number of HDD. I guess this HDD have crashed...
  7. Blue Ripazah

    Windows error....

    I think my windows crashed again....please anyone suggest me some techniques to prevent windows crashing ....its the 8th time in the year my windows has crashed does anybde now the reason config is as follows.... Intel i3 540 Gigabyte h55md2h 2gb corsair..........will be adding anoyher...
  8. R

    Wish to update my pc, please suggest options

    1. What is the purpose of the computer A: Surf net at good speed, able to work on Photoshop (beginner’s level), enjoy music with good bass & crisp music, watch movies. I have phenom 8650 Pro ddr2 2gb 667 mhz ram 320 gb hdd MD: Biostar N68s 18.5 Samsung LCD LG DVD writer Lasertras 2.1...
  9. utkarsh007

    Crysis 2 not working

    Hey i installed crysis 2 and tried to run with mu nvidia 8400 gs graphic card but it crashed during startup. I saw many videos where it worked with 8400gs plz help
  10. ayushman9

    Win 7 SP 1 crashing all 32 bit apps

    A few week ago ,i had posted about a uniue problem related to Win 7 home premium 64 bit ,which came pre bundeled with My HP DV6 laptop . The problem was that win 7 was not aloowing to update to SP1 giving an 'Access Denied error ". After lots of searching i finally gave up . So i went & bought...
  11. K

    I am unable to access my data?

    Hello guys, yesterday i have used my computer and it was working fine, but today morning when i open my system there was no data available. If this is the hard disk problem or my hard disk crashed. Please anyone tell me how can i recover my lost data.
  12. toad_frog09

    Nero Error

    I installed NERO 7 trial a few weeks ago on my Windows7 PC. My memory is a bit foggy so I cant precisely remember why the installation failed like Brazil on World Cup. So as far as i remember, the application started and crashed after a minute or something. Anyhoo, the problem is that later when...
  13. Mohnishgs

    hard disk crash......need help

    my 500gb western digtial hdd crashed recently and i lost about 400gb of data :'( when i say crashed i mean pc would boot but the windows wouldnt load, i tried booting with my xp cd and it said that i have 2 drives- 1mb unallocated space, c: unpartitioned or damaged(i originally had 4...
  14. N

    problem in hardisk

    hello friends i have compaq presario m2000 laptop after booting of windows there is message a disk read error occured . press ctrl+alt+delete to restart, this keeps on occuring again and again, i conducted hard drive self diagnostic test through BIOS test results were - #1-07 Fail.what does...
  15. E

    PC Crash

    :confused: Hi there i've a problem with my pc it used to work properl , but 1 week ago i faced a new big probkem , that is , my os is not loading , and when i tried to change and install a new windows xp on it , it crashed with a blue screen i donno what the matter is , but i think it's...
  16. I

    my pc do not turn on, why?

    i was checking my drives with latest macfee antivirus. my pc turned off and now it is not working the fan of SMPS is also not working but one light on mother board is on even cd drive is also not open i think SMPS is crashed coz my power connection has not earthing at my home but untill now...
  17. S

    Saving Data from a crashed HDD??

    How can I retrieve data from My Crashed ( detected by Bios & Device Manger- volumes show blank:confused:) but not visible in My computer. The Drive is a SATA 250GB Segate on an AMD system in a RAID O array with only pure Data:(
  18. M

    sudden low disk space in C

    dear frnds my system is suddenly showing low disk space in C.Although just an hour before there was more than 2.5 gb of free space.Even after dleting some movies it again shows a few kb space only,which even crashed to 0 after a few seconds. All torrent downloads have also refused to resume...
  19. T

    PC is dead...almost

    Hi, Bought a new PC 6750C2D, Intel G33 motherboard 10 days back. Today while playing Cricket 2004, it just crashed. Then it came on 3 times by itself and crashed each time immediately. Now it doesn't come on. Once I changed the Power supply from UPS to direct, it came on for 3 sec and then...
  20. netguy

    Yahoo! Messenger keep on crashing...!!

    Recently I have installed new Yahoo's Beta version of Messenger 9.....and I liked its new Vista interface and its skins......!!!! But this did not last long, one fine morning it just crashed and tried to re-open... Though it re-opened, when I click on Sign In button...its simply getting...
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