1. A

    Amd ryzen : Hype or substance

    An In-Depth Look at Ryzen's Gaming Performance: 16 Games Played at 1080p & 1440p - TechSpot Core I7 7700k beats both RYZEN CPUs in every game.
  2. ssb1551

    Does MSI 970A-G43 support FX 8350?

    Hi Guys, I am thinking of ordering FX 8350 from Canada. Does the Motherboard MSI 970A-G43 support FX 8350? I couldnt find 8350 in the CPU support list of MSI's page for the MoBo. But it does say that the Motherboard can support CPUs upto 200W TDP. Should I get 8350 or 8320? Thanks in Advance!
  3. bssunilreddy

    Overclocking Non-K Intel Skylake CPUs

    Overclocking Non-K Intel Skylake CPUs like Pentium G4400, i3 6320, i5 6400, i5 6500 & i7 6700... Skylake Non-K Intel CPU's can easily be overclocked using the BCLK unlike K-CPU's which can be overclocked only using the multiplier. Pre-Skylake CPUs such as Haswell or Devils Canyon could only...
  4. M

    i5 4690k or i5 4670k or amd fx 8350 for best pc config

    Hello guys, i want to assemble new pc for my use. i will be using pc for higher softs such as vmware & virtualize 3-4 machines at a time & will be using advanced softs such as photoshop, corel draw, visual studio & sql server. so i want to build pc so that i can work on this softs smoothly...
  5. sam_738844

    Lets leave some marks on the bench with UE4

    Calling TDF techies, Lets get this super-awesome tech demo from Epic about their ground-breaking and stunning new visual Engine UE4 and experience colossal graphic prowess in our own PC rather than watching it in compromising you-tube uploads. We'd best use the built in FPS counter to bench...
  6. bssunilreddy

    Discussion: Warranty Service: Retail CPUs Purchased New In Box

    Hai TDF, Warranty Service: Retail CPUs Purchased New In Box Step 2 of 4 – What is Not Covered by Warranty? AMD is not liable under warranty - if through testing and examination - it is AMD’s reasonable opinion that the alleged defect or malfunction of the CPU has been caused...
  7. rohitshubham

    Identify the Motherboard

    hey, so i opened my MOBO the other day and i coudn't help but notice this thing. can someone tell me what is it? and how to open my cpu's heatsink+fan as i tried to push the side clamps but it never opened.
  8. P

    AMD Unleashes First-Ever 5 GHz Processor

    AMD today unveiled its most powerful member of the legendary AMD FX family of CPUs, the world’s first commercially available 5 GHz CPU processor, the AMD FX-9590. These 8-core CPUs deliver new levels of gaming and multimedia performance for desktop enthusiasts. AMD FX-9000 Series CPUs will be...
  9. NiGHtfUrY

    CPU's with Intel hd 4000 (pc)

    I want to know which PC cpu's have Intel HD 4000,the cheapest one I could find was i5 3570k,are there any other cheaper than this one??ocing feature is not necessary...
  10. cacklebolt

    Intel i3 vs AMD A8/A10 APU

    I was planing on a budget pc upgrade with primary requiremnts gaming and movies. |GAMES:FIFA 13,PES 13,Dirt 3,GTA 4,COD,Crysis,Assasins creed,NFS,Just Cause 2,Max Payne 3 and many more. Common Components(Generic) 4 gb RAM 500 gb hdd gpu amd radeon hd 6770 / hd 7770 / hd 7750 / hd6670 now my...
  11. R

    Does ASUS M5A88-M Motherboard supports 45nm CPUs?

    Does ASUS M5A88-M Motherboard supports 45nm CPUs?
  12. B

    Z77 Motherboards

    Does anyone know when these Z77 boards are going to hit the market. Are they be able to run the sandy bridge cpus or they are specifically meant for the Ivy bridge cpus. Any information on price factor / performance?
  13. A

    Use of Integrated GPU when discrete card is opted?

    i had this doubt- people going for discrete card neither will need a integrated GPU in CPU or on Mobo. So why not release CPUs & Mobos without graphics processor with reduced prices, so that people who are able to afford discrete card can opt for it. why did mobos have IGPs in the first place...
  14. B

    AMD preparing two more FX-series CPUs

    Source : fudzilla.com According to a table of AMD's FX-series lineup, leaked by Donanimhaber, it looks like AMD will add two new CPUs to the FX lineup, the FX-4130 and the FX-6130. In addition to the recently detailed FX-4170 and FX-6200, AMD will also add the FX-4130 and the FX-6130. The...
  15. S

    Intel Fixes VT-d Bug in Sandy Bridge-E CPUs

    Hi Guys, What does this mean. See link Intel Fixes VT-d Bug in Sandy Bridge-E CPUs Well, I am confused. I interpret it as the CPUs available till very recently of Sandy Bridge platform had buggy VT-D Any pointers/Inputs? Has anyone tried VTD on i7-2600K? Thanks
  16. Skyh3ck

    Extract Gold and Silver from Pocessors....

    Read this... Interesting article In Pictures: Tom's Hardware Recovers Gold And Silver From CPUs - Meet Our Mountain Of CPUs
  17. T

    CPU Custome Cooler Comparision for Intel & AMD CPUs

    I don't know if this has been posted here earlier or not so Posting :rolleyes: FrostyTech - Best Heat Sinks & PC Cooling Reviews Very nice and detailed review of PLENTY of Heat Sinks for CPUs. Can be very useful for People interested in OCing and Tweaking. If this is posted already...
  18. rchi84

    Battle of the Budget CPUs

    Read this guys. THG did a comparison shootout Who's Got Game? Twelve Sub-$200 CPUs Compared : The Sandy Bridge Factor Things are looking bad for AMD :shock:
  19. V

    [Question]Difference between AM2+ & AM3 sockets

    From what I have read on various websites, I have concluded that 1. Any AMD's AM3 socket CPUs such as Phenom II X4 CPUs will work without any problem on AM2+ socket-based motherboards. 2. AM2+ socket-based CPUs will not work on AM3 socket-based mobos. Am I right ? Just confirming.
  20. Renny

    Upgrading after 7 years.

    So I'm a bit out of touch with the latest CPU's and Chipsets available, My budget is between Rs.30,000-Rs.40,000, I would like a Quad core CPU that supports DDR3, Main use of this computer will be for Casual Gaming, LOTS of Audio and Video Encodeing(x264, Xvid, Divx etc.) , and Computer Aided...
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