1. J

    [Query] Logitech Service Mumbai.

    Hope someone can help me with this. Ok so I had a G300 (left and right click problem) which I took to service center in January which got replace with a New G300s. Now after two months the G300s started giving left click problems ( I play Cs a lot :p) so I went again as I thought my warranty...
  2. Pratik Pawar

    Best Mobile Brand

    guys, which is the best Mobile Brand, with Android OS (Customised or stock), in the range of rs 5000-15000. :mrgreen: overall, coz m thinking of buying one.. in terms of Hardware, durability, after sales service, performance, battery, camera etc also, is it compulsory to fill the given...
  3. K

    600D vs 1200D vs 1100D

    hey guys im confused between the three any pros/cons of each? plus will they support older SLR lenses from my old EOS 500,isnt really a biggie,just in case coz i have many lenses and accessories for the 500 including the 500 itself(working condition) heres a pic of the 500 if it makes any...
  4. F

    Best Screen guard for the Mobile available in India???

    Hi I recently purchased a Z1 and the Scratch Guard i put on it suxs big time!!!!! You can See all the Finger prints clearly ( my sister came to know my lock code coz of that) and gets too many scraches :( Which1 is good? and were can i buy it from
  5. D

    laptop for autocad n 3d max

    guys help me out...i wanna knw what minimum comfig can run Autocad, 3d max, Photoshop smoothly my budget z 30-32k. ...coz if a laptop in this range z nt good then ll opt for desktop a kind request to Cad n 3d max users plssss do give ur inputs...... tthanx alot hey ppl....plsss...
  6. A

    Xperia Z or Xperia ZL!!! Plz Help..

    Guys...Planning to buy a new phone...stuck between xperia z or xperia zl....liked xperia z for the water zl coz of IR blaster and better screen(reportedly in many reviews)...only thing I dnt like abt xperia z is the heating issues....and since I use my fon a lot I am not...
  7. Psychosocial

    Gaming rig for 60k

    Please suggest me a good gaming rig for 60k. I wont be needing hdds, optical drive, speakers, keyboard, mouse and monitor (already have a BenQ G2420HD). I live in Rajkot, Gujarat and it will be assembled by my retailer. I am not sure when I'm gonna get ot coz i am still thinking if I should...
  8. S

    2.1 set around 2.5 k

    Hi guys,I mainly listen to Hindi songs,pop,rock and some instrumentals and not any dubstep or hiphop.I am confused between two fenda models namely A555u and A520.The 555u has screen and remote which I do not need.The 520 is cheaper but without USB,I wanted to know how much is the Sound Quality...
  9. dashang

    want to buy all in one printer

    hi guys i want to but ALL in ONE printer . (print, copy/xerox , scan) . I have seen All the printer , my budget is 3500 to 5000 . I want to buy the best one . I have liked Epson Tx121 . Its scanner specs is 600 dpi it good ?? or can u suggest any other printer? I have...
  10. A

    rooted & deleted lg home. Now i cant recover plz help...

    i have lg optimus me p350, i rooted it 2 days back and accedently deleted lg home, which it default launcher, so now i didnt have any desktop. then i hard-rest it by applying key combination, hoping of making it like new, but didnt work, it became new but without desktop... i had tried...
  11. S

    Asus X54C-SX261D need info on this

    Hi, I zeroed on this laptop coz ...its cheap for its config, my only problem being, I need to run windows XP pro on it coz my old laser printer doesnt have Win 7 support on it.... So will this run xp without glitch and will i be able to install my printer namely HP laserjet 3050 on it...
  12. G

    [HELP] Modding a cabinet .

    After seeing some modified cabs , i also want to mod my cabinet in my own way . like adding LED'S , Fans , Grills , Side window ...etc . Is there anything more which i could add in this ? Tools are not a problem coz i already have them . but i dont have a cutter to cut the metal piece . rest...
  13. K

    Processor and graphics

    Please suggest a few good games that I would be able 2 play on this config Intel i5 2450M 4gb ram Nvidia 520MX 1 gb dedicated graphics coz that is wat I am best getting on a notebook I am planning to buy(please only action games no sims)
  14. Z

    Suggest needed - Driver update[windows 7]

    frndz, plz suggest me any good freeware to update my drivers of windows 7 , coz m suffering from bsod :(
  15. A

    LG Optimus HUB

    hye guys i have make my mind to buy LG Optimus HUB . My budget is 12-13k max. THE reason to choose it is , that, it has less resolution and 1500mh battery which gives me good bakup coz i will play games 4-5 hours a day and 24*7 internet. what u guys says ??
  16. T

    cellphone locked!! :(((

    hello everyone!:grin: does anyone know how i can open a nokia 5233 i own which got locked and now i don't remember the lockcode..:neutral: any idea's? i can format it n do everything coz ol the data is on memory card and the sim please HELP!!!:!::!::!::!::!:
  17. D

    Android Around 22k ???

    Guys please help me pick a good one ranging within 22k and not more than that.... most preferably let it be samsung...coz it has better battery life compared to others...
  18. S

    guys help...confused ..!!...goin to buy in 2-3 days

    which one is better lg optimus 2x (19k) or xperia arc (21.5k) optimus 2x really buggy ????....coz it looks grt on paper .....any other phone in sub 22k range u want to suggest ???
  19. S

    counter strike issue

    i have win7 64 bit but counter strike is not running on it!! what should be done coz it does run on 32 bit system...
  20. A

    TX850V2 Voltage Fluctuation increased!

    The fluctuation in the 5V rail has increased and in about 10 seconds it fluctuates between 4.92V and 4.95Vv about 5times.I dont think that is a normal characteristic of a "high quality psu". Please let me know if its okay? Coz i remember even in my iball days the 5V appeared more stable!:?
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