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  1. W

    NVidia GeForce 1050 and ti variant finally released in India

    The wait is finally over!! costing not bad... NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Price in India, Specification, Features | Digit.i Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 and GTX 1050Ti Launched Starting at Rs. 10,000 | NDTV Gadgets360.co
  2. G

    What to Buy assembled PC

    Hi, I want to buy assembled PC (CPU) mainly for home use, like MSOFFICE work & Internet browsing like checking email+youtube+surfing etc . I will not use this PC for gaming purpose as i am having separate console (XBOX 360) for the same. I want to keep this PC for atleast 2 years...
  3. G

    HD 7770 Best Price in Delhi ?

    Hi I want to know that what is the current price of HD 7770 reference clock card in delhi ? My cousin want to buy it . I heard it costing 7850 rupee in local market.. Thanks Regards
  4. V

    Would it be profitable ?

    Dear all, My friend would be coming back from US, and I was wondering if I can get a Graphics card or processor or any PC component which would be cheap compared to the price here. My budget is around 15K. Not more than that. Are there any good GFX card which can come under this budget...
  5. A

    6870+440 or 560 ti

    Guys i need to buy a graphics card soon i though of getting a 6870+440 or a 560ti both setup costing under 15k kindly suggest which is better or any other better setup
  6. Richie Rich

    2.1 Speakers for Gaming and Music

    Which one is better 2.1 multimedia speaker system? Logitech Z623 or Edifier C3 Logitech Z623 costing for 7.7k and Edifier C3 is 8.3k
  7. gurujee

    Cheapest P&S Camera available today

    Dear friends, I want to buy the cheapest Point & shoot available in market for gifting to my cousin. It should be branded not Chinese. The one i found is canon's costing 3k or something. Is there any other options for me ?
  8. A

    Need to buy a cd/dvd drive for my dell laptop to replace the damaged one.?

    My Dell Vostro 1014 laptop has got cd/dvd drive complaint.I need to buy a new one.When I called customer care,they said there were three options- 1)Product+service charges costing rs.4000 2)Product+service charge+1 year warranty costing rs.9000 3)Product +service charges+2 years warranty...
  9. debarshi

    Wifi Router

    Hello, Can you suggest me a Wifi Router under Rs. 3000 (preferably linksys, netgear or dlink)........ with good user reviews and good service I had shortlisted Linksys E1000 but its costing me around Rs 3500..... Thanks Under Rs 2500 will be more preferable. help required urgently...
  10. M

    Best nvidia gtx 590 card

    Hello guys i wanted your help to narrow my gpu purchase as its the final for my friend pc build as we planning in a week or 10 days max. I found out that instead of going for gtx 580 which is costing me 30+ k arround Plus 2-3k for certain brands espcially with high vram. I finally thought...
  11. maverick786us

    Hp zr 2740w

    I am impressed with HPs latest 27 inch LED display. How much is its price in local market? In use its costing only 725 USD
  12. M

    Lg 3d or samsung 3d

    Hello guys i am going to buy a led 3d monitor at 15k budget. I am looking for LG 3d which costing 15k while the Samsung one costing at 18k Let me know which is best.
  13. ashis_lakra

    UPS or Inverter for Backup ?

    Hi Folks, Is there very high capacity UPS which would run my system for more than 1 hr ? If yes, please mention the model and its' price. and whether, Inverter will be a good choice rather than UPS ? I will just power my Computer System and nothing else. But, i dont want to spend a...
  14. M

    Old motherboard help urgent!!!!

    I have old pc with the following config P4 2.66, 2.5 gb ram, Geforce 6200 256 mb AGP card and 80 GB SATA HDD. The Motherboard, an Intel 865 GBF, has got some burnt capacitors. My technician says that the only available replacements are cheap Chinese Motherboards with a warrantee of a year...
  15. mavihs


    @Mods/Admin @Mods there are lots of members of TD in Delhi who want to buy NZXT Gamma cabby but its not available here. & if we buy it online, its costing us a lot(a 2K cabby is costing 3K here). so i was thinking if we order in Bulk then we can get it for pretty cheap! So is it oky to start a...
  16. P

    Accounting homewok help

    Can’t do Accounting Homework? Email me your accounting homework & accounting assignments & I will send you back the solutions. In addition to Accounting homework help & accounting assignments help, I also help in online accounting exams, online accounting tests & tutoring, accounting word...
  17. A

    32GB pendrive for sale

    hey guys just take 32000MB in your pocket... this offer for only mumbaikar's its costing RS.3200 negotiation till some xtenet
  18. goobimama

    Me wants to buy a 19" to 20" monitor

    I've realised the benefits of an extended desktop and want to plug in a second monitor to my iMac 20". Now when I used the Samsung 740N, I found the colours to be really borked (on a normal PC as well). Tried all kinds of color profiles but it was just too 'vivid'. My Dell works very well with...
  19. harish_21_10

    Camcorder help,which of the two...

    HI guys,i am in US right now and planning on buying a camcorder and have come down to two models: SONY DCR SR200 JVC GZ MG555 Help me with them guys and its pretty urgent.And they both costing me the same price of about $600
  20. abhijit_reddevil

    Xbox 360 Elite Officially Announced

    Source: http://www.dailytech.com/article.aspx?newsid=6671 And in the west, things keep on releasing and we are stuck with 25k for the old 360. :mad: This must be costing at least 35k when released in India.:mad::rolleyes:
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