1. ramakanta

    [Want to Buy] ASUS ZenFone 4- Low cost Andriod phone

    ASUS ZenFone 4 where to buy this low cost android phone . :|is it ok ????? Review: ASUS Zenfone 4
  2. A

    Internal HDD 3.5" - 1 TB , looking for actual market cost?

    My existing HDD 250Gb WD Blue (5 yrs old).. is not being detected by the bios. Plaining to purchase a new one 3.5" HDD - 1 TB - Lowest cost and wht will be the max. warranty I can get. Which brack should i go for ... Seagate or WD .. which one is more reliable ?? Online prices shows lots of...
  3. F

    [For Sale] Apple Iphone 5s 32gb GOLD

    Rs 45000.00 Used a for a day or two. Earpods and cable unused as seen . No Warranty. Need Cash Local Mumbai Buyers Preferred Scratch Guard applied on both sides Can Ship Out of Mumbai on Buyers cost and risk
  4. F

    Need help

    I am trying to build a gaming pc and I was wondering which shop will be best to purchase different computer parts at Nehru Place. I have heard that Computer Empire, Cost to Cost and SMC International are good. Is it true?
  5. A

    need a low cost 1-1.1 ton AC

    We have a small 100 sqft room. and we need a 1-1.1 ton AC(nothing more, nothing less). Primary consecrations are AC cost and power consumption. The AC will run only 3 hrs/day daily. ideally, it would run for 10 months/year. We wont require any fancy features.. it is also fine if it takes...
  6. L

    22 inch best Monitor in budget?

    Hi friends, i need a monitor for my gaming rig and movies viewing! Though i thought of a 24inch monitor but i dont think it would fit in my budget 8-10K so 1) suggest me best i can get in this budget? 2) what features should we consider for selection like Full led, 16.7M colors, contrast...
  7. G

    Antec VP 450p or CORRSAIR VS 550 SMPS for R7 260x?

    As suggested in TDF GPU compatibility list Antec VP 450p is available for Rs 2800 @ Buy Online Antec VP450P 450W Power Supply in India (i have to get it delivered in Delhi) Haven't checked its price locally price from Nehru Place (don't now even if its available or not)!! Now, Cost to cost...
  8. A

    AC Needed

    Please suggest the best split ac that meet the requirements: 1 ton capacity 5 star rating good service effectiveness of cooling cost no problem am looking for two units. Help Appreciated :)
  9. mikael_schiffer

    Upgrading my A8 4500M (HpG6 2005ax) with better A10/ and BIOS queries

    I read this-- from Upgrading an AMD A8-4500M APU ? [Solved] - CPUs 1) How do i upgrade? 2 )Do i buy the chip online? 3) Or go to HP service center. 4) Whats the cost? 5) Is the cost to performance improvement justifiable in DAY2DAY tasks 6) Is the cost to performance improvement...
  10. topgear

    How Much Does It Cost to Make a Video Game ?

    So Here you go : Read on more on the Source website : How Much Does It Cost to Make a Video Game? - TechSpot
  11. I

    [US] iPhone 5s 16gb LOCKED

    I'm planning to buy used iPhone 5s 16gb from Budget:- 27k (Inc. shipping and custom cost) I need help in shipping and customs. How much it would cost and which site should i use for shipping (hopshopgo/sns/ishopinternational)?
  12. S

    Repair broken Nexus 4 screen

    Hi folks, My nexus 4 dropped today, screen is cracked and touch is not working :cry: I wanted to know from where I can get it repaired and how much would it cost me?
  13. Revolution

    Laser Printer Refilling

    Hi, Guy, Where do u do ur refill for laser printer cartridge/toner and what the usual cost ? Actually I don't have much idea about refilling. I'm LF skilled and reputed shop. Heard doing something wrong could damage the expensive laser cartridge. I wanted to buy a mono laser printer for...
  14. ithehappy

    A low cost printer with cheapest page printing rate?

    Need to buy one. Budget is as low as possible. The printing cost should be as low as possible, I will be printing 5-8 pages per day, 5 days per week, b&w, A4. And I am sure any printer can photocopy something nowadays? And also I would like it to be small, some years back I had a Canon Pixma...
  15. G

    Which one is better for Gaming

    which one should I choose the lenovo G500s 59388254 which is providing i5 3230 , 8 GB RAM , 2GB Nvidia GT 720M or the lenovo Z500 59380480 which is providing i5 3230 , 4 GB RAM , 1GB Nvidia GT 740M Both are slim and are having good spec but the Z500 cost 47,990 and the G500s cost 44,990
  16. sling-shot

    Replacement battery for Samsung notebook

    I have just discovered that my barely out of warranty Samsung NP305 notebook/netbook battery is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced for safety purpose. I expect the OEM replacement to be 4K+ in cost. Is there any reputed cheaper compatible battery? I would love if it is of higher capacity too.
  17. A

    2.1 Speakers:- Budget 8k

    I have a JBL Creature 3 which recently got bad and the subwoofer stopped producing any sound. It was also in warranty period but to avail that I need to send these to their service center via courier (which will cost me 1k + I also lost my bill). Nevertheless I plan on buying a new stereo and...
  18. avinandan012

    shocking reality

    Why have young people in Japan stopped having sex? | World news | The Observer look what cost of living can turn a civilization into
  19. jaimin100

    confused in canon and nikon

    hello friends i need entry level DSLR so afer some searching i found this (1)NIKON D3200+18-55mmlens VR (2)NIKON D5100+18-55mmlens VR (3)CANON 1100D+with Double Lens Kit (EF-S 18-55mm IS II + EF-S 55-250mm IS II) which is good bcz they have less cost difference? and sholud...
  20. Zangetsu

    You Consider Cost or Satisfaction

    Lets discuss this also added poll :wink: Discussion is simple "You consider cost or Satisfaction while spending money"
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