1. L

    G400 costing Rs.3100

    I contacted a retail shop about the Logitech g400. I want a new gaming mouse and they say that its cost is about Rs.3100. I told them that it might be cost of the new model g400s, they said no its the g400. They told me to go to and look the "Rude" gaming mouse its the best. But I...
  2. S

    [For Sale] NetGear N150 WNR612 Router

    Hi friends, up for sale is a Net Gear N150 WNR612 router. Bought on 7th of August. Wanted to make my existing ADSL router go wireless since number of devices have gone up in my home. Bang, as worst irony would have it, the day router arrived, I found the modem to screwed up and not getting...
  3. G

    Cloud storage.

    I currently have dropbox(50 gb) + ubuntu one(5 gb) + mega(50gb) + 4 shared(15) + mediafire(15) + dev host(20 gig). Can i know is there are any software which lets me to manage these in the same place. i currently use jolidrive. Are there any better file hosting services which are good and of...
  4. D

    hdd S.M.A.R.T failure

    After booting with avg rescue disc i found my disk having smart failure though my data is still intact. I have gone through the internet and did not find any solution to it. I think the new drive will cost around 6k and do not wish to spend if an alternate solution is available. is there any...
  5. D

    New iem for s3

    I have been using the IEM got with s3 for last 8 months but yesterday night one of its side stop working. The problem is surely in internal connection as when I hold the wire it start working and as soon as I leave it it again stops working. So I would need a new iem. Am preferring iem over...
  6. A

    suggest LOW COST (MINIMUM COST) MOBO for CPU Intel Q6600

    Pls suggest LOW COST (MINIMUM COST) MOBO for CONFIG: CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz CPU Platform:LGA775 (FC-LGA6) PSU: Corsair CX 430 V2 OS:Win7 Ultimate (x64) RAM:DDR2-SDRAM 4 GB [2Gbx1, 1Gbx2] GPU:Sapphire RADEON HD 5670 - 1GB DDR5 - PCIe v2.0 x16 HDD:WDC 250 GB...
  7. B

    SMS marketing cost

    How much would it cost to buy special series of numbers for SMS marketing like the ones in FAB series? Rough figure anyone?
  8. Skyh3ck

    How much used console will cost in India

    Hi i have never played or used any console, i used to play lots of games on PC, but stopped 2 years back, now i want to buy a console i have seen many people are selling used console like Xbox and PS3, can anybody please help me on how much following will cost Xbox 360 4GB (modded and non...


    I want to buy cx500v2 + GTX650ti boost 2gb + CM Hyper 212x................How much will it cost..if ill buy locally from cities like PUNE & MUMBAI?
  10. A

    [For Sale] AudioEngine A5 2.0 Powered Bookshelves

    Manufacturer: Audioengine - Join the computer audio revolution Seller: (INDIA) Expected Price: Rs.13,000 This product has been discontinued and has been replaced by slightly better A5+ which cost upwards of Rs.30k in India.The lower variant A2 is a massive step down from the A5...
  11. S

    Mini Laptop display cracked.

    I have a lenovo ideapad mini laptop, due to some unfortunate reasons its display has got damaged and shows black spot and cracks on the display. i want to change the display of the laptop can anyone tell me how much it will cost to replace the display of this mini laptop???
  12. anish_sha

    Setting Up a E-commerce Website

    Hi guys I want to setup a eCommerce website which enables the user to buy online like ebay, myntra etc. Can anyone here help out with the following things 1. How much would it cost to set up and maintaining it 2. Any legal formalities ( already have a retail store, online is a part of it)
  13. S

    best antivirus out there

    i want to know the best paid antivirus programme in the market.the antivirus must meet my below criterion must not put much load on the startup of the laptop must be the best whatever the cost must not hinder my game playing please help me on this regard.
  14. avtar2008

    new internet connection for 3 months

    as my college semester is over and i will be at home for next 3 months, i am looking for a temporary internet connection for 3 months. After some googling and research, i am confused among following options: 1. Bsnl evdo @3.1 mbps, rs750 unlimited(no fup), initial cost will be rs1500. 2...
  15. A

    [For Sale] Audioengine A5 2.0 Powered Bookshelves

    AudioEngine A5 2.0 Powered Bookshelves Manufacturer: Audioengine - Join the computer audio revolution Seller: (INDIA) Expected Price: Rs.18,000 This product has been discontinued and has been replaced by slightly better A5+ which cost upwards of Rs.30k in India. The lower...
  16. V

    New battery for my lg o1

    I have to purchase a new battery for my lg optimus one. Battery model no is much will it cost and from where should i purchase it? Need it ASAP
  17. A

    destop monitor vertical line(yellow)

    I have 18.5" Acer monitor . there is a yellow vertical line on the right side of the monitor .plz help how to remove and what will be the cost to repair?
  18. B

    Finally built a new rig!

    After almost a decade of using AMD CPUs, I have finally switched to the Blue team as my 6 year old Athlon X2 didn't cut it anymore (still very usable for everyday tasks though). Specs: CPU: Intel Xeon E3 1230 V2 (essentially an i7 at i5 cost, without Intel's crappy graphics. Eats less...
  19. a_medico

    Solar operated AC

    Any idea about Solar Operated ACs? All I know is they are available in India. I wish to install it for home use, if cost effective. Any inputs about contacts in India (maharashtra preferably), costing, maintenance etc are appreciated.
  20. ariftwister

    Cost of msata ssd?

    What is the cost of 64gb msata ssd? What is difference between normal ssd and msata ssd?
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